A Mouth Is Just A Mouth

dorawhorebagsomething bothered me while watching empire last night.
btw: can i say thank god the season is finally picking up?
i was nervous.
so yeah,
something disrespected my whole situation and i wanted to share it…

so the scene with jamal,
and that greaseball.

how you gonna go from being jealous this greaseball flirting with cho “manz” one minute,
to getting throat on a balcony by the same greaseball in the next?
i was so confused tho.
another btw: wasn’t that greaseball was eager to suck some pipe tho?
is he the new “( x diksukka.biz )”?
i’m just saying…
anyway so dora saw how thirsty he was over his “manz”.
your “manz” turned down his requests right in front of you…
and you still gonna get your dick sucked behind a pillar?
tumblr_nwn4wd1ADI1qzw7lko1_400 tumblr_nwn4wd1ADI1qzw7lko2_400even tho its a tv show,
and i was way too invested,
it doesn’t mean somewhere in america,
that someone “manz” isn’t having self control right now.
if you are dating me,
i expect your ass to have a whole basket of it.
it seems like people get in relationships,
get tested by some evil force of a hoe,
and fail miserably each time.
i often wonder whats the point?
you know what else is funny?
how they were saying jamal would cheat on dora when he goes on tour.

Well how wrong were they?

lowkey: i know when it comes to hoes,
you don’t care what they look like…
…but that nasty looking jackal couldn’t touch me.
he looked like he don’t know nothing about a bath.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “A Mouth Is Just A Mouth”

  1. Dora needs to worry about Miss. Ne-Yo “He says he’s done it both ways and says both ways worked. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Lol Jamari and daclassyman you guys have me on the floor and I was thinking the same thing when Ne-yo said that.

  2. I have to watch it again.I thought Michael thought the guy DID give him a BJ.So it was a tit for tat.You cheat on me so I will cheat on you.

    1. I don’t think Dora thought Jamal cheated. Jamal clothes weren’t unzipped or anything and Dora saw him brushing the dude off to come grab his hand.

      It was also highly implied they did talk, just not on screen. Remember how Jamal said he talked with Dora and Dora thought they should do an open relationship because he wasn’t getting enough attention. I’m starting to think Dora was just jealous because that jackal wasn’t pushing all up on him first. Jamal must be getting a new love interest this season.

  3. i stopped watching after the first season, i lost interest…too much singing for me lol it’s like a Black Glee with extra drama

  4. Yeah I’m glad it picked up too. I was thinking the same thing, like I get the whole getting back at him but with the same person? He just messed up any chance of going on tour. Hopefully Jamal will pull an Adele and make some good, painful tracks out of this.

    Btw jamari, being mary jane just started back on tuesday. I think you would have quite an opinion on the first episodes and I’m interested in what you would think about them.

  5. I really wish black people would stop supporting this trash ass show that does nothing to show us in a positive light. The acting is terrible, the premise is whack and Lee Daniels is a little black sambo.

    1. Lol you are crazy but you make some good points. I like and will support the cast as far as future work and stuff but they have very little positivity within the show. Although I will say that whole open relationship thing btw Jamal and “Dora” seems to be common now a days in gay intraracial and interracial relationships. Moreso the interracial ones though.

  6. Dora is so annoying, needy and conceited. Im glad Jamal drop that bitch because Michael doesn’t deserve him

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