Kevin Hart Broke His “Rib” Trust? (Duh?)


well torrei tried to tell her…
whenever folks talk about karma isn’t real,
i usually smile and just wait for it.
they try to say “what goes around comes around”,
but it’s still the same.
karma is definitely real and we all experience it,
bad or good.
in this case,
eniko thought she was in the clear.
she was the side piece to kevin hart,
knowing he was married to torrei at the time.
kevin wasn’t going to disappoint in embarrassing her.
he posted this video on his instagram…
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A Mouth Is Just A Mouth

dorawhorebagsomething bothered me while watching empire last night.
btw: can i say thank god the season is finally picking up?
i was nervous.
so yeah,
something disrespected my whole situation and i wanted to share it…
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Ain’t No Fun If Demarco Murray Can’t Get None

Heidi-Mueller-DeMarco-Murray-girlfriendawww well isn’t that just cute!
that’s super thick baller wolf demarco murray from the cowboys,
his girlfriend heidi mueller,
and his beautiful cub in a beautiful family portrait.
makes me tear up in the left eye.
well this is other baller wolf,
brennan clay,
and a few tweets about his own family portrait…

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Fantasia Says The World Is Doing Things The Bible Doesn’t Agree With (Like Gay Marriage and Weed Smoking)

this is usually the problem with these bible thumping christians.
some church folk like to pull that:

“people always like to judge me,
but I’m still a wreckless heathen who doesn’t care about other people because i can use that repent/prayer/run to the altar thing as a crutch for sinning so i can repeat it again next week.”

it makes for good theatrics at church or online.
fantasia being the latest

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Karma Will Be The Flaming Hemmroid Of Your Life

The way we treat people always comes back full circle.

Do you believe that?
Are you a believer in karma?
Do you believe that what we do to others ALWAYS comes back to us?
I have seen people reep karma for what they did to me,
while others have moved on and appear to have perfect lives.
I usually feel hurt and I pray that I move on fast, but in reality…

Should we always depend on karma to right our wrongs?

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