Fantasia Says The World Is Doing Things The Bible Doesn’t Agree With (Like Gay Marriage and Weed Smoking)

this is usually the problem with these bible thumping christians.
some church folk like to pull that:

“people always like to judge me,
but I’m still a wreckless heathen who doesn’t care about other people because i can use that repent/prayer/run to the altar thing as a crutch for sinning so i can repeat it again next week.”

it makes for good theatrics at church or online.
fantasia being the latest

well you know what fanny?
we won’t judge you anymore.

i wonder how is that man she is fuckin’ while married is doing?

14 thoughts on “Fantasia Says The World Is Doing Things The Bible Doesn’t Agree With (Like Gay Marriage and Weed Smoking)

  1. We americans are finished and shameful to nature — God will descend on us soon — its high time we repented of immoral acts especially you gay folks – repent now and live right- use your brain to think

  2. Adultery, incest and all the many other sins the bible talk about but everyone quick to talk about homosexual work on your shit leave my shit alone when ppl taking dick and busy from married ppl ent god will understand so wouldn’t he understand me.

  3. How you fucks a married nigga and speak about what Bible don’t agree with and on top of that have kid by him. Public Self righteousness Fail

  4. Po Fanny, this is what happens when you cheat off of Mama Dee in your reading comprehension class, your thoughts get lost in translation. Im going to give Fanny a pass because we all know that she is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and she does have a gay manager so I dont think she would intentionally try to come for her main fan base. Clearly God bless her with amazing vocals and nothing else. Lets keep her lifted up and pray that she pays attention during her next Reading assignment. Fanny stop uploading these stupid pics on Instagram and upload that GED for us in 2013…..

  5. I wish fantasia would stop playing the victim so fucking much. Don’t get me wrong she is an incredible singer, incredible voice. But she needs to stop worrying about bobby, ray ray, and sussy, and what they say and focus on getting her own personal and professional life in order

  6. I don’t think she meant it the way many people are interpreting. She’s saying that she has been bashed for “sleeping with a married man”, and that many have pointed to the bible when doing this. Yet, some of those naysayers are gay, or weed smokers, things that are also “condemned” in the same book. #Doublestandard

    1. I feel her on that and I respect her right to freedom of speech but sometimes it’s best to take the high road.

      Most of her fans are gay men. Not smart to come for them when you have an album coming out…

      1. Those gay men (including myself) who are fans, should know that she was in no way “gay-bashing”. Those who can’t figure that out were never truly fans.

  7. Tucan-Tasia can have several seats in a North Carolina basement while she waits to get her 27 piece done, as Antwan Cook waits outside blowing the horn cause T-mobile coverage sucks in the backwoods.

  8. What is her problem ? As if the gays would date her now coz they aren’t allowed to marry each other. The same ol’ shit talking about gays to get some publicity.

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