What Jamari Fox Learned In 2012 That You Might Have Learned Too.

hey my happy foxholers.
i hope you have some confetti in your hands.
we have made it through one of our most challenging years yet.
i don’t know about you,
but i feel almost awakened.
i learned a lot this year and i wanted to share with you some of my random ramblings….

.take time to separate from people. you don’t always need to answer every call or text.

.stop putting up with these bullshit ass sob stories from these wolves out here.
yes, they were hurt by some hoebag,
but that doesn’t mean you are the next hoebag.
they need to pick their prey better.

.people will do what you allow.
you announce through your actions you are an idiot,
then they will treat you like one.
find your balls.

.you want to know why i’m attracted to baller wolves?
it’s not because i am a gold digger.
sure, i like money and lifestyle like the rest of em.
i am attracted to a man with goals and power.
nothing turns me on more than a wolf who got his shit together.

.i appreciate ratchet ass hybrids and jackals.
when i come along,
you can tell the difference in quality.

.i value my space.
leave me the fuck alone sometimes.

.don’t do everything freaky in a one night stand.
i would not eat any wolf’s ass,
use my toys,
try new freaky shit,
or go shopping at the sex shop for someone who isn’t sticking around.
my butt cheeks and throat are now a brand.

.bullies make me sick.
i got something for anyone who tries to bully me in 2013.

.if i think you are sexy, i will tell you.
none of that beating around the dick bullshit.

.don’t disrespect me because i don’t agree with your opinion.

.there is value in not giving a fuck.

.im going into 2013 alone.
ive gone rogue fox.
i recently took out the trash and burned the house completely down.
i’m starting this new year just me, you, and the foxhole.
new adventures and new people await.
time to jump right in…

if you have anything that you learned this year,
please share.
let’s trade some war stories and learning lessons.

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10 thoughts on “What Jamari Fox Learned In 2012 That You Might Have Learned Too.”

  1. I have learned that when I am the only serious-minded person around, it is time to (figuratively) move to a new location. No longer will I dwell amongst those who have no regard for accomplishing goals, no matter how minor or major, family and friends included. It’s okay to play, but what will you be doing when playtime is over?

    I am going to lower my guard a little and not appear to be so physically inaccessible. This will be a challenge for me because it has kept a lot of BS away for a long time.

    I am going to focus more on me. I know it sounds shallow, but this is my life and I deserve to be happy (will be keeping my eyes open for a new love), financially comfortable (need to progress with using my talents), healthy/fit (will stay on track with my fitness goals), and be more outgoing (and not just a wallflower in every sense of the word).

  2. I’ve learned to invest in myself. I take more pride in my body, appearance, and how I carry myself.

    I also learned to follow my instincts and trust my discernment about people. If I find something “off” about a person upon first meeting them, go with that.

    Sex isn’t important in the grand scheme of things and it can’t be used as an emotional band aid.

    I’m still in process with this, but I’ve learned you can’t compare yourself with others. You never get the full picture and you’ll never be content. Only compete with yourself.

  3. I have learned to not give up, and if I want something in life I will have to work extremely hard in order to get it. Nothing in this world comes easy. I also have learned how to be upfront with people more and not telling them what to hear. I did that in the past, but I told myself that I will not do that anymore. People need tough love. I also have been working on telling people I feel too instead of keeping my feelings and emotions to myself.

  4. I learned that in the end, like Beyonce says its just me myself and I, and in that order. No one else really gives a shit whether you make it or not and many people are happy for your downfall. Found this out the hard way, when I needed some people, just a lot of empty promises, but in a way, I am glad they didnt come through for me because I dont owe them anything and they cant say anything when the success does come in because they played no part. Also learning not to give one fuck what you think about me as long as I am honest, and decent and dont treat you bad or try to get over on you. If its something you want to do, just do it! It may feel awkward or silly but at least you can say you did it, you may actually meet new people trying new experiences. What I have learned most of all, is too still show love for your fellow man, no matter if you have a little, share it with someone else and watch how much you are blessed. Know you mean something to somebody, if its only yourself. I have learned so much from this blog, words could never really tell how much this forum has help me make it through this difficult year. I am still rising, still shining and still ready to live in 2013. I wish you all a Happy New Year.

    Peace and Blessing to you all,

  5. I have learbt a lot by reading this blog and I thank you for creating this blog as a means of dialogue in our community. Happy New Year everyone and all the besr for 2013.

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