Did Scrappy Call Soulja Boy Out On Twitter?

well i surely missed this.
what’s odd was i was going to make an entry on soulja boy too.
 you will see more of that later on in this entry.
lil scrappy and soulja boy got into it on twitter.
they let the fur fly putting those font paws on each other.
scrappy even revealed a little something too…


well i found out some interesting news on soulja boy.
some of what scrappy said allegedly could be true.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lC00gX6Z0zo]

from what my f-bi told me,
where there is flames,
there allegedly maybe soulja boy.

here is a question…

would you fuck with soulja boy?

i hear he tricks very well.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Did Scrappy Call Soulja Boy Out On Twitter?”

  1. Soulja Boy is a struggling rapper so he needs to have several seats while he still can. His previous album sold 13,360 copies in it’s first week, and that number is everywhere not just on Wikipedia lol. If that’s not struggling then I don’t know what is. I have read that he is now selling tweets to make ends meet. Yup it’s that bad for him. Lets be real, if you are a rapper and your name isn’t Shawn Carter or Kanye West you will have a hard time selling albums. Scrappy is capable of putting a beating on Soulja boy’s little ass. He shouldn’t be paying him any attention anyway because it wasn’t like Diamond was the shit. She is wack as hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if she is broke also.

    As for Soulja being on the low, that’s nothing new because rumors have been surfacing for years. You just haven’t heard anything about him since he is now irrelevant. In my mind, I can imagine him getting cakes pounded to smithereens lol. No, I would never give him the time of day now. I used to want some of that back in the day tho, he used to be a cutie. The things I wanted to do with that little body of his lol. He had a cute face, but he ruined it with those tats, oh and so did his boy Arab. Yea, his face is tatted up as well. We all remember how cute he used to be.

      1. money isn’t right by a long shot. He lives in a rental paid for by ____________. He is popular on the DL party scene as a c_ _ dump who takes it raw for all comers.

      2. Damn! third lol. How do you know so much? You must be in the industry or something. He does look like he could suck the skin of it and ride it nice and good. We all know 50 got it lol.

  2. Soulja Boy got bread. Period. The nigga owns all of his music, writes his own shit, and produces his own shit. He has endorsements up the ass. He sells ringtones like icewater on a hot day in July. He is constantly SELLING OUT major venues. The white kids LOVE him! He got bread, don’t sleep. That video with him and 50 had me scratching my head though. Niggas be letting their true self out when they tipsy. (Check the Diddy, Usher, Kevin Hart video…)

    1. You have to show me some receipts for me to believe half of that man. How is he getting endorsement deals? People who are on top of their game get endorsement deals. He is not even selling albums as of late. First week sales are important than what people think they are. Those sales give an artist an idea of how well their album is going to sell from that point on. If an artist sells 300,000 copies in the first week, more than likely the album will end up selling over a million copies in a little over a year’s time, maybe less than that. Liking an artist and listening to their music does not make them money. That’s why they advertise their albums and persuade us to go out and buy it. That’s why artist always thank the fans for their success. If it wasn’t for us they would be nothing.

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