Would You Take It Baby?

tumblr_mdel5yC5sm1rseuzmo1_500i know some of us have had some bad experiences in life.
some of which have crippled us from doing certain things.
stopped us from accomplishing goals in life.
it sucks, right?
well if you could,
would you take the pill to erase those memories?
start fresh?
a clean slate?
you’d become fearless.
that person you see in your head.
so whats it gonna be?
decisions, decisions…

Did Scrappy Call Soulja Boy Out On Twitter?

well i surely missed this.
what’s odd was i was going to make an entry on soulja boy too.
 you will see more of that later on in this entry.
lil scrappy and soulja boy got into it on twitter.
they let the fur fly putting those font paws on each other.
scrappy even revealed a little something too…

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The Devil Is Right Behind You.

the devil can be like a thief in the night.
when you are sleep or your back is turned.he comes in abruptly, steals your joy, and runs like the bitch he is.
even if your joy is under lock and key,
maybe even strict surveillance,
he still finds a way to take what’s yours.

but, why do we give him our joy so easily?
why don’t we fight a little harder?
why do we give up to our circumstances?

that is the question on my mind.
the devil stole my joy today.
i straight punched that nigga in his fuckin’ mouth….

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It Is Hard To Be The One Who Takes The Peen

It must be hell being a Fox, huh?

I’m asking YOU that question, seriously…
So they are saying that in Fox-dom, we are the lowest common denominator.
We tend to fall victim to all the bullshit going on around us.
We can never have real friends because everyone is always catty.
We can never be too feminine because we fit into that “stereotype” hairdresser or gay boyfriend.
Vixens always think we are some Dr. Phil for their own doomed love lives,
or we are an extended bitch on their shopping trips.
When we do meet a decent Wolf, being together for 2 months = 2 years.
We can never meet a decent Wolf because he only wants a relationship with our ass.
And then, we always must enter every room with our butt cheeks first.
As we see ourselves as the perfect Fox,
we get bombarded with images and ideals of what we “should” be or what we aren’t.

So, my fellow Fox…

Isn’t all that shit just… exhausting?

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foXXX: “Baby Let Me Take The Condom Off…”

“Baby let me take the condom off…” him, fuckin me right.

got the bed head hittin against the wall; bed about to break.

“baby.. i can… ooh shit.. what?… damn… wha u say?” me, trying to remember my name.

“i said… let me take the condom off…” him, strokin me to death.



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