Take One With Water Daily For The Rest Of Your Life

What if I told you that you could take a pill that would change your life?
What if I told you that with this one pill,
you would be able to use your mind in ways you never thought.
It would make you learn faster and adapt to your surroundings quicker.
It would give you enhanced confidence, charisma, and charm.
It would lead you to your wildest dreams and make you live out your fantasies…

If you are a Fox or a Wolf, you have a goal.

You want a career that will make you successful and rich, rich, RICH.
You know the order:

First you get the money
Then comes the power
After the power, you get the booty/dick/mouth/both
Finally, you get the respect.

What if this pill I told you about,
would turn an ordinary Fox/Wolf/or Hybrid into what the definition of SWAGGA is?
Your world would be changed and pretty much improved.
Say goodbye to your old life and hello to this new improved one.
One with RESULTS.

and like anything, there are side effects.
The side effects would effect your health.
When you get off this particular pill, your health would be at risk.
You would go back to your old self, but this time all your motivation would be drained.
In a nut shell, you would pretty much be on this pill for the rest of your life.

So now that you know that…
I had to ask…

Would you swallow?

7 thoughts on “Take One With Water Daily For The Rest Of Your Life

  1. You forgot to mention that at the end of the movie
    He’s so smart after those pills that he finds a solution
    So that he doesn’t have to take it every day anymore =P

  2. As weird as it sounds, I’ve never been one to take the easy route. My awkwardness, shyness, and insecurities may not be very “swaggy” as the guys say here, but they drive me for some reason.

    Like when I have to give a speech in Spanish for class knowing I hate public speaking in any form and I suck it up and do it well, that feeling of accomplishment can’t come from simply taking a pill.

    Basically I kind of like adversity and being different, makes the rewards a little sweeter.

    1. I’d need to save up to invest in the first prescription. And from there, utilize my enhanced abilities to pull a sponsor and the pills will then pay for themselves lol.

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