NY Giants Ramses Barden Could Probably Get It Tomorrow

i been checking for him for a while now.
definitely in the running of being “daddy material”…
…and i didn’t think it would look like that under those clothes.

very very very nice ramses.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “NY Giants Ramses Barden Could Probably Get It Tomorrow”

  1. I remember him from last season, this is MY boo right here. He played very well last night even though he was just filling in for a couple of inactives. I was truly surprised since he hasn’t had a lot of playing time. He is very handsome as well too.

      1. Damn dude is probably packing a big one.

        That’s not him in the second pic. That’s Jerrel Jernigan #12. Look at the helmet number. Ramses is #13

      2. *Pours a bucket of cold water on Keyon* I guess you would miss out if he wanted to give you some cause you would faint lol.

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