tumblr_mmjd2uWKjs1s107yso1_500since i’m in a heavy mood,
i wanted to lighten up the foxhole.
go back to when you first stepped on the scene.
way back when.
you are excited at what you are about to present the world.
now look at who you are.
what has changed from then to now?
do you like it?
are you still likeable?
well this round is called:


lets take a look at the contestants…

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ATTENTION: Wolf Looking For An Internet Relationship.

the wolves need some loving and ain’t scared to ask for it.
this one in the video below is looking for:

  • tall
  • model look
  • no pimples
  • black hair
  • know how to cook
  • loves a nice ass
  • fat throat lips

you think you fit the description?…

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I Am In Tears (Faded?)

I did this for the Fox who sent me an email.
He wanted me to throw this up as an entry.
I was not going to, but I felt everyone needed a laugh this early morning.

Ya know…
I have been in and out of studios for the last couple weeks.
I know some people who can hook me up with a hot track if I wanted.
You don’t see me getting my ass on the mic though.
I be TEMPTED to drop a hot 1, 2 for ya’ll asses.
But, the world does not need to hear my classically trained voice.


This right here…
Is a hot fucking mess…

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Royce, Dez, Updates, and all this Shit Needed For A Therapy Session.

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Remember This Wolf Who Bones I Wanted To Jump?

I know you are thinking:

“Um…. which guy?

Well shut up…
and he is this one here:

He just my type (besides the Cancer sticks).
Well, as usual, your favorite Fox with the F-BI type skills found him.
His name isĀ Chadoy Leon….

…and he finer than I imagined.

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