Royce, Dez, Updates, and all this Shit Needed For A Therapy Session.

so Royce tweets….

As only 140 words for apology/wtf/and too much drama can muster up.
These two need a STRONG sit down.

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13 thoughts on “Royce, Dez, Updates, and all this Shit Needed For A Therapy Session.”

  1. All I have to say is fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me so if this nigga do this shit again to her and make her ass look stupid she shouldn’t have shit to say

  2. Im personally sick of these celebs playing their life out on twitter. This is just a fucking mess. So like celebs who keep their shit private and people guessing. Even though these two hardly qualify as celebs but this shit right here is just ugh!!!

      1. That to I swear these vixens these days falling for every sexy face and sexy body….. Wait what was I takin about… Oh yea dumb hoes, they act befor they think

    1. It’s not about twitter, it’s about parading your private life for public consumption all the dayum day. Keep some things to yourself – we don’t need to know all the details if your life. It’s not just celebs (or pseudo-celebs) who do this, but I mean daggone. Shut up sometimes!

  3. Eh.
    Part of me feels like some of this is real life.
    I know the show is scripted, but—I just have a hard time believing somebody would spend so much time tweeting their life away if it didn’t have some significance in their life.

    But, she definitely got played.
    “I sent those texts, but only to get on her good side.”
    Lmao. Horrible lie. Horrible, horrible. He could’ve came up with something better than that.

  4. I feel for her because she is my favorite on that ratchet hot ass mess of a show! I hope she love herself enough to leave that fucker alone…I feel like he’s been cheating on me! Damn bastard! UGH but the ass was SO good!

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