Is Your “True Self” Keeping You Single?


i had an interesting discussion with a pastor this morning.
a pastor that also happens to be on the dl,
or so he thinks.
we met a few years ago and kept in touch ever so often.
he has been low key attracted to me,
but i would never.
everrrrrrr consider it.
that is code word for:

he got way too much going on

well the discussion was being yourself when looking for love…
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Joseline Hernandez Throwing “Shotz” In Her New Video

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 10.57.05 AM

“i’m joseline hernandez baby!” has a new music video.
well the one she was shooting last week on l&hhatl.
it’s called “shotz”

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Royce, Dez, Updates, and all this Shit Needed For A Therapy Session.

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Foxy Lifestyle: Love Letter 2 Myself

I was cleaning out my closet past weekend…

(insert joke here)

… and I found a bunch of clothes I decided to give to the shelter.
Sidebar: There about to be some fly and flashy homeless people walking through the Concrete Forest.

Anyway, I found this letter I wrote to myself.
I went to this seminar with my friend and they told us to write a love letter… but to yourself.
I was a little skeptical, but I like to try anything once.
Oprah has quoted that she also did these little things that helped her achieve inner peace and happiness.
After we wrote it, we were to hide it and forget about it.

I know, crazy corny.
Well fuck you too.

Anyway, after I read it, I felt so good.
I wrote it in ’08 and I would like to share it with my Wolves and Foxes out there.


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