Foxy Lifestyle: Love Letter 2 Myself

I was cleaning out my closet past weekend…

(insert joke here)

… and I found a bunch of clothes I decided to give to the shelter.
Sidebar: There about to be some fly and flashy homeless people walking through the Concrete Forest.

Anyway, I found this letter I wrote to myself.
I went to this seminar with my friend and they told us to write a love letter… but to yourself.
I was a little skeptical, but I like to try anything once.
Oprah has quoted that she also did these little things that helped her achieve inner peace and happiness.
After we wrote it, we were to hide it and forget about it.

I know, crazy corny.
Well fuck you too.

Anyway, after I read it, I felt so good.
I wrote it in ’08 and I would like to share it with my Wolves and Foxes out there.


Dear Jamari,

I just want to start off that I haven’t always liked you. It was hard to like you at first. I couldn’t stand the sight of you or even liked being around you. You were truly disgusting to me and I wish you would have died when you tried to kill yourself way back when.

What was I thinking? You are amazing! You have this personality and spirit that draws people (men and women) to you. You also have this presence that turns heads when you walk into a room. I love the way you think. It is… different than the rest of these people out here.

I like the way you look too. You are very handsome + you sexy as hell. You have these gorgeous brown eyes and very kissable and lick-able lips. Your skin tone is the most beautiful caramel complexion. You do not look like the average everyday dude on the street. You look like you come from another country.

I want to be like you. I actually love you. It took such a long time to say that out-loud, but I am glad I did. We can be together until someone comes along and joins this two-some. Right now, it is all about US. We have a lot to offer because all we got is us. The fact we are together will allow our light to shine like a spot light in the sky. People are already getting jealous!

I apologize if this letter comes so late, but I DO love you, flaws and all. It took a long time but I am truly happy to LOVE you!

Jamari Fox


You all should try it.
As corny as it sounds, it feels good to read it when you are confident within yourself.
It all starts with you.
If you don’t love yourself, no one else with.

So start the process to your growth!


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