Remember This Wolf Who Bones I Wanted To Jump?

I know you are thinking:

“Um…. which guy?

Well shut up…
and he is this one here:

He just my type (besides the Cancer sticks).
Well, as usual, your favorite Fox with the F-BI type skills found him.
His name is Chadoy Leon….

…and he finer than I imagined.

^he is the owner of this back shot I seen a while back.
 Who knew that was all his?

I was ALREADY open just by that shot.
Here are the rest: 

He can wrap it up because I’ll take him to go.

11 thoughts on “Remember This Wolf Who Bones I Wanted To Jump?

  1. well first is he really 19? damn what is it? i barely have facial hair and im 26 shit just growing in but he is cute though as for the tattoos they are getting out of hand

  2. He’s attractive but his face looks photoshopped in the straight forward pics.

    I don’t have any tattoos. Never had the desire to get one. I hate needles and I already have people making enough false assumptions about me as a black man.

  3. I’m not feeling him – but I saw some of his videos; he’s a decent dancer. And he’s only 19 (or 20). Y’all can have him…

  4. By the way.
    The side profile, with him on a bike = instantly turned on. I have a thing for men with really good bone structure/high cheekbones.

  5. He’s more attractive to me from angles.
    So, the side profile, behind, etc. I don’t really like the shape of his face head on…

    He’s still sexy though. I’d cuff.

  6. Someone needs to post of pic of a 50+ year old man with saggy skin and man boobs with all-over tattoos in order to deter these dudes from getting inked up. Shit is really getting out of hand. For every Chris Brown or The Game, there are at least 20 dudes like Chadoy who call themselves ‘models,’ but sleepin in they momma’s basesments, unable to find a job because all these stupid tattoos. Just because your friend takes pictures of you with a DSLR, and edits them on Photoshop, does not a model make. Oh, and last thing, I hope you guys watch Guy Code on MTV2. One of the best lines on that show: ‘If you have tattoos on your neck, you might as well close your LinkedIn account.’ I’m just sayin.

  7. It’s really strange to me that he has tats all over his arms, neck, & back – yet none on his chest.

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