If You Like It, Don’t Just F*ck Me Good! Buy Me A Ring!

I can picture you in a black leotard and high heels.

You have 2 other dancers next to you.
Your smile is infectious.
As you adjust the wedgie out of your butt cheeks, you get into position.
1, 2, 1, 2 3…

… if you are going to do it, at least shave those hairy legs.

Seriously though, we all grew up with the impression we would be married one day.
Some of us watched our parents live a fairy tale life of wedding bliss.
Well, some.
Others watched a single mother busting her ass to make sure her kids were fed.
But as Foxes, Wolves, and Hybrids our dreams of marriage look kinda bleak.
Wolves do not want to get tied down.
Foxes and Hybrids want an emotional “ring” to make them feel complete.
In a world where sex comes first and a relationship is a question mark,
can a Fox really get married?
Would a Wolf actually want to cuff a Fox or Hybrid with two simple words with a priest behind them?
Or, is this all just a cute little fantasy to play with toys?
I had to wonder…

Is gay marriage impossible?

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Remember This Wolf Who Bones I Wanted To Jump?

I know you are thinking:

“Um…. which guy?

Well shut up…
and he is this one here:

He just my type (besides the Cancer sticks).
Well, as usual, your favorite Fox with the F-BI type skills found him.
His name isĀ Chadoy Leon….

…and he finer than I imagined.

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