i don’t want to live; i don’t want to die (jump by kofi siriboe)

i admire those who can live beyond their minds.
the ones who aren’t shackled in the dungeons within it depths.
your mind will really play tricks on you.
it’ll have you feeling like you don’t belong and shouldn’t exist.
it’ll replay past traumas that can cripple you.
i’ve been there and still there.
some days are better than others.
it can be a real struggle to find my worth.
this is one of the reasons i’m so glad mental health is being talked about.
in the black community,
it is often swept underneath the rug.
we’re told most white people are supposed to be weaker mentally,
as they tend to kill themselves due to their own mental illnesses,
but survey says that’s a whole lie as of late.
kofi siriboe,
who is one of the stars in own’s “queen sugar”,
and the epitome of fine af,

released a short film he wrote and produced about mental health.
it’s called “jump” and i wanted to show it to the foxhole…

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Don’t Feed The Jackals (A Free Meal)

this is not a picture of a group auditioning for chris brown’s tour.
this is a group of jackals jumpin’ someone
for offering to pay for their meal.
for free.
an f-bi sent me the story from the ny daily news and well…
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So Jay Z Jumped In The Pool with Beyonce…

BTa_YGBIMAAW3oQ…and a ton of memes are made.
beyonce got hers last year after her super bowl performance.
jay its your turn.
jay z, b, and blue are out in italy i guess for b’s birthday.
they decided to go swimming and well…

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Premium Meat of The Minute: Travon Bellamy

everyone i want you to meet:

i know.
thanks to hoodsworld,
i am now in the mood for chocolate

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kris-kross2he was the one on the right.
absolutely sad…

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This Hyena Decided To Scream His Way Out Of The Battle

Snow Hyena stole something twice from a Wolf,
Wolf wanted to beat hm like he stole something,
and the Snow Hyena screams all the way down the street…


Is this how we do it now?

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