Don’t Feed The Jackals (A Free Meal)

this is not a picture of a group auditioning for chris brown’s tour.
this is a group of jackals jumpin’ someone
for offering to pay for their meal.
for free.
an f-bi sent me the story from the ny daily news and well…

A man offered to do a good deed at a Brooklyn restaurant — and was punished with a bone-breaking beating, cops said.

A group of men kicked and pummeled a 37-year-old customer, beating him with his own cane after he offered to pay for their meal, police said Tuesday.

Then, as he lay prone and bleeding on the ground, two customers simply ordered dinner as if nothing had happened, police sources said.

“Can I get No. 12?” one woman asked a cashier, with the victim curled up on the floor behind her, sources said.

Cops on Tuesday released video showing part of the brutal beatdown, which happened around 7:30 p.m. on March 1 at Texas Chicken & Burgers on Ocean Ave. at Church Ave. in Prospect Park South.

not “can i get a number 12?” as this he lay in blood behind her tho.
only in the forests of new yawk.

one of the things,
growing up in the city,
is that we are all taught to mind your business.
we learn it when we on the mta and out in the various forests.
too many have tried to help someone and it ended up fuckin’ them up.
after a scene like that,
i’m sure everyone in that spot was “minding their business”.
i would have left.
i ain’t about to get shot up waiting for a number 5.
don’t get me wrong,
some of us have some common decency within us.
at least text CRIMES (274637) or something.
well there has to be more to this story.
this just can’t be the motive.
not for nothing,
i would have taken that free meal.
i guess…

Fuck being a good Samaritan in 2017?

good to know.

lowkey: why are people so angry nowadays?

article taken: the new daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “Don’t Feed The Jackals (A Free Meal)

  1. I understand this is a different type of sutuation but oftentimes when you try to do a positive thing, you often get punished for it. For no reason. You just don’t know about how ppl will come off in this day and time.

    1. ^word.
      we are taught to “mind our business”.
      how many times has the good samaritan gotten the worst end of the stick?

      there was a story i read that gives me chills.
      it was about a woman who was looking out for her poor neighbors.
      she would cook for them,
      she had keys made for them to her spot,
      and she helped them with money.
      why they raped and killed her?
      i cannot remember the name of this woman to save my life,
      but that shit was a lesson in how ungrateful people can be.

  2. Wassup Jamari? Im going to say something. It’s going to be terrible but Im going to say it. This is why I stopped eating nigga chicken from hood spots, including popeyes. Shit like this is always happening. Always with the always. I almost got into shit numerous times in spots like these, and I mind my business. People do not know how to act in fast food places. Especially in hood spaces. I started eating even more vegetables than I usually do and Im on some pretend vegetarian shit so fuck them chicken box hood spots.

    1. ^im 110% in agreement with you.

      i use to go to kennedys religiously a few years ago,
      but i stopped.
      those spots only attract hood jackals with nothing to lose.
      that is when i started cooking hardbody and never went there again.
      plus i started hearing about people finding bugs and shit in their food.
      im good.

      1. It ridiculous bro. Im getting to a point now where I would rather have some roast vegetables than to get dressed and run in the cold to get a number seven, chicken wings chopped up, fried hard and vegetable lo mein from the chinese spot. Fuck fast food.

        1. ^YESS!!!!!!!!!

          i was JUST thinking about chinese too.
          i been fieeeeeeendin heavy for my regular:

          general tso chicken or shrimp fried rice and broccoli

          but i already know I’ll be sick af after.

          1. ^i noticed when im depressed,
            i want to eat nonsense but when im good,
            i cook.
            ive been wanting to eat all kinds of trash food since all this shit been happening.
            i been surviving off this papa johns pizza i ordered the other day lol

      2. You sound like me man. When I was at my most…… contentness, I was my most healthiest. I cooked all the time. Ate salads damn near everyday. I exercised. I was good. Im getting back to that place. Slowly tho bro. Lol. I understand where you’re coming from Jamari.

  3. I wonder if they thought he was trying to spit game by offering to pay. Still not a reason to beat the poor man, especially any person with a cane or handicap. Must be a New York thing indeed

    1. I am going to be honest that’s what I thought too because I can’t think of any other reason for them to do this.

    2. To be honest this is what I thought too, like you said it doesn’t excuse it at all

      Smh too much evil in the world these days

  4. I would’ve slipped out and made that call to the po-po.

    What bugged me out most was that people came in and stepped OVER him! Usually if I’m in a psot and either a loud person(s) comes in and/or a group, I’ll leave. Usually they’re going to be in the spot acting a fool…and I don’t want to be around.

    There was one spot I used to go to, where a kid got caught in there by a rival gang, and they came in there after his ass with machetes. They got him good. Luckily he didn’t lose his life or any limbs, but he got some deep ass wounds behind that foolishness.

    That being said, kind acts are looked at as you wanting something in return. Never mind that you’re being genuine and sincere. People are thought to think that way. Oh he/she is doing something for me, well they must want something in return. Maybe not now, but later on they’ll ask me to return the favor. I run into this a lot on the train/bus when people don’t have enough for their fare. I’ll give them money towards the fare. I tell them, just do the same for someone else…pay it forward. Of course I’m sure it goes in one ear and out the other…but I’ve seen people do the same. Pay for a person’s fare and expect nothing in return.

    I’ve heard one person say though, nah I don’t wanna feel like I owe you something. WTF?! The man just told you it was no problem.

    Maybe it’s a mental thing where they think they’re beholden to you if you do something for them.

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