Who Has A Couch Vince Young Can Crash On?

this was during good times.

you know the moment you (baller wolf) realize you are now the shit.
you get that big check and you go wild.
everyone pats you on the back.
you didn’t have to work for nothing because everything came easy.
you start doing shit you know your broke ass wouldn’t have done in college.
with yes men, money hungry hoes, and no one who truly gives a shit about you…
…you become the example.
one of the many examples to be rolled out as the years go on of how stupid you were.
everything that brought you pleasure is now highlighted as mistakes.
vince young got dropped by the buffalo bills and has no money.
but what puzzles me with his whole story is what he spent his money on….

  • $600 shots of Louis XIII from Morton’s restaurants for his buddies -He’d go to Morton’s and drop hundreds of bucks on shots. All of Nashville was getting drunk.
  • He once spent $6,000 at TGI Fridays. TGI freaking Fridays! How do you spend that much money there?! They have specials!
  • He wanted to be alone one day so he bought every ticket on a Southwest Airline flight to be by himself.
  • He had a Cheesecake Factory addiction that caused him to spend $5,000 a WEEK on food there. A week!
  • Him and a teammate once bought 75 shots of Patron in 30 minutes. We hope they didn’t drink it all themselves.
  • He invested in the Vince Young Steakhouse. Restaurants never go well for celebrities smh.
  • He’s also alleged to have spent hundreds of dollars buying bottles for every woman he sees that’s attractive every where he went. Calm it down, Vinny.


first of all,
why did he spend all his bread in chain restaurants?
this all sounds like someone who had low self esteem.
all this damn drinking tho…

the stories i use to hear about vince.
this was once the baller wolf who had a $26 million guaranteed contract.
he also had other endorsements and a reebok deal.
you couldn’t tell him shit i bet.

but, is it really his fault?
many of these pre baller wolves and even baller wolves are mis-guided.
their successful role models are rappers.
they spend money on things they went to bed and jerked off too.
they also want to show off to people who hated.
it’s the same story of anyone who gets a lot of money at one time.
hood kid + no guidance + low self esteem – true people on his team = the situation.
i look at someone like victor cruz and i get this impression he is being guided correctly.
i could be wrong,
he isn’t out in the clubs, not in the gossip blogs, and is pretty low key.
every time i see him, he is getting a check with something he is promoting.

(one part of me thinks because he is spanish and they hustle HEA. VY.)

why is he so different than others with this same “baller wolf” story?
i started to wonder…

Could this all be prevented?

23 thoughts on “Who Has A Couch Vince Young Can Crash On?

  1. I have no empathy or sympathy for such behavior. I work with wealthy people, and I can tell you first-hand that they do not go shopping spending all kinds of money on flashy items trying to impress people who could care less about them. Yes, some of them pay good money for their clothes, but they are not at Neiman’s, LV, or Saks every week spending their pay away. They are buying real estate, renovating their homes, spending the moola on their children’s education/extra-curricular activities, vacations, etc.

    There is a big difference here. When you are blessed with such an opportunity to earn that type of money, you have to be more financially sound and work with the right people to protect your investments. And don’t sign any documents or checks unless you fully understand what is going on/why the funds are being paid. Hell, Oprah and J-Lo sign all of their own checks.

    1. ^a friend of mine was telling me that having a family member do your accounts is better than a stranger because accountants can get over on you and rob you blind?

      what is your take on that bbb?

      1. Anyone can get over on you if you don’t keep your eyes open. If the family member is qualified, sure, I may give him/her a shot, if the trust is there. If I had that type of money where an accountant, or finance manager is warranted, I would have one of my trusted advisers (Mom or Dad) go over the books and records and to ensure its accuracy. But knowing how I am, I would double-check the numbers myself. But most importantly, nothing would be able to go out unless I signed the check.

  2. This really isn’t much different than lottery winners who go broke because they can’t manage their money. In the end, we all have to manage what we have. I have relatives who are heavily in debt because they want to own and wear expensive things. If you ask them about it, they say that they want to live life to the fullest because they don’t know how much time they will have on this earth. Debt means nothing to them. I doubt budgeting or debt meant much to Vince Young either.

    There are plenty of white people who win the lottery of life and end up broke as well. They just announced today that the heat coach at the University of Arkansas is $25 million in debt (and he has been getting a steady salary for years as both a head coach and an assistant).

    The truth is that most people don’t manage their money well (which is why the majority of the country is in debt). Entertainers and Athletes in debt is just a microcosm of our overall society.

  3. Different people. Different backgrounds. Different situations.

    I don’t think it’s so much that Victor is being guided correctly as it is that he’s focused and knows what he wants.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Victor is a father and he’s married. He has a different focus than a Vince Young who’s single and still young minded.

    I think Victor is just more level headed. He has a solid foundation.

    1. ^vince has kids.

      but you know what?
      i did some research and victor’s fiance is a business manager.
      he got dropped from college,
      which she was working on wall street.
      she got some good nfl dick to keep her a float and ended up falling in love with him.
      part of me thinks if she wasn’t around,
      he would be in the same predicament.

      1. Victor in college had several “wealthy benefactors” and probably still does who have steered him correctly in financial matters for the “private salsa” dance. 🙂

  4. This is so sad to me, but we have talked about this very thing so much on here, that it is beginning to get old. The sad part is that he was taken advantage of by greedy people who didnt give a damn about him as a person, from the college coaches, to the agents, and NFL owners, of course they cant be blamed directly but its a unspoken rule that athletes get special privileges and never are held accountable, so we cant expect them to be accountable with their money when you have people who are eating off of them and enjoying all the perks that come with their lifestyle. My grandmother used to say “if you find a sucker you better lick it” and that’s just what his accountants, lawyers and agents did. If they really cared they would have stepped in and said Hell No and put him on a budget. From what I heard with Vince, he also suffers from mental illness since his college days. These lights burn so bright out here in the world of entertainment, and most of these people who chase fame or who have fame and fortune thrown their way get burned. His body has been abused to the point that he is probably going to have years shaved off his life, and now he doesn’t have any money, hopefully he has medical insurance and will get a pension or some type of retirement. He is going to have to do some serious downsizing and start selling some of these trinkets on EBAY to raise money.

    I would hope that these dudes have friends to turn to or lean on who will help guide them or some of these people who he has benefited by his generosity, would help him. I know that this unlikely, but you would think with millionaire friends someone would help him out. I sincerely hope he gets it together, he seems like a really nice guy from what little I know about him.

  5. So he spent thousands on food? Typical Texas nigga.

    He used to be in Texas blowing money in the strip clubs and bars heavy.

    Honestly, I can’t even talk down on him. The culture we live in has us all fucked up. Most of the people talking down can’t even hold on to a refund check.

    I see people in the Gucci and LV store stunting all the time with money they don’t really have. Using cash from payday loans an school refund checks to buy shit just to put the shit on instagram and say I’m better than you.

    These wannabes still haven’t realized rich, white people are not blowing all their money on clothes, shoes, jewelry, and cars! They think of everything as an investment. So they’re not going to buy some gaudy jewelry or flashy Gucci belts that will be out of style by next year. They are going to invest in something timeless.

    Then these dummies pay for this expensive shit in cash, while the ones with real money are pulling out those HEAVY black American Express cards. Everyone knows you have to pay AE back all at once.

    That’s never been me. I’d rather make sure my bills are paid and my credit cards are payed off and my refrigerator is FULL and the rest in the bank. Now that’s paid! I don’t wear all my money at all.

      1. It’s the culture man. He’s from Houston like me and you should see how gaudy the cars are here. They put $30,000 worth of shit on a $5,000 Buick!

        They blow thousands of dollars in seedy strip clubs where the women with busted faces have their hoods tatted on the left butt cheek.

        Go to the Gucci store on a Friday evening. You see nothing but black ppl in there trying to find something to show off at the club.

        You can put these cats in 12 classes and it wouldn’t change what’s been instilled in them and society encourages it.

        I laugh at ppl who think you should ever trust someone else to manage your money. I don’t care how much it is. The only person I’d trust with my money is my Mama! Real talk.

      2. They do offer classes to the rookies – doesn’t mean they listen & you can only do so much…I don’t think the leagues care but so much anyway *shrug*

      3. Classes are offered before every beginning of training camp. Of course you have to actually show up and attend he class.

    1. That’s old news, but the Onion is partly satirical…he did score amazingly low on his test though.

      He had some financial advisers – who may have shafted him of some money, but a lot of this is his fault. Hood negro + poverty mentality + $$$ = trouble.

      How do you spend that much money at a Friday’s & Cheesecake Factory? I think Vince had/has some real mental issues too…smh

  6. Yea this can all be prevented. I don’t care what no one says. You can’t give a broke nigga money cuz he don’t know what to do with it. They want to spend their money on stupid things. Some athletes don’t know what a savings account is if it knocked them over the head with a bat. They keep forgetting they don’t play for a lifetime so they need to start planning for life after the game.

      1. No. In football, when a once starting quarterback becomes a back up he’s done unless he was never a stater from the get go. Vince was once a starter and if he gets to start again; he’ll likely be temporary until that team finds better quarterback.

      2. no comeback because he was generally lazy to begin with. AND you left out on several occasions he bought every ticket on a southwest flight so he could fly alone and one of the main reasons he was cut from the eagles was constantly missing the team charter and he had to rent a private plane to get to games.

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