Terrell Owens Makes A Pretty Penny Being Signed To The Seahawks

keyword on penny.

terrell owens made a while signed to the seahawks.
i mean, it was a short stay but he racked up!
stacks on stacks on stacks!

with a check like that,
i know he treated himself to something nice…

Perennial all-pro receiver Terrell Owens made $28 an hour in his short time with the Seattle Seahawks this past preseason.

As TMZ reports, documents filled in by T.O. in regards to his child support cases from two different women required his current financial status. The paperwork and pay stubs handed in show that Owens inked a deal with Seattle on August 7th and only made $4342.86 in his short time there (152 hours).

Of course he was cut from the team after he failed to show the coaches a reason to keep him there. Had he made the final cuts, Owens was set to receive $925,000 on the season.

In his prime, T.O. signed a $49,000,000 deal with the Philadelphia Eagles for seven years and another $25,000,000 contract for three years with the Dallas Cowboys.

The 38-year-old receiver, second on the all-time receiving yards list, is well past his prime these days. However, he is still looking to fill a void for a team this season through free agency.

that is the salary of a personal assistant.
at least he would have gotten benefits.
looking at terrell back in the day,
this is not how i thought he would end up.
now that this football thing is definitely null and void…

Where do you think Terrell Owens should work next?

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14 thoughts on “Terrell Owens Makes A Pretty Penny Being Signed To The Seahawks”

  1. I honestly think he should consider getting a little therapy before he decides what to do next.

    I don’t think it’s good for him mentally to be publicly embarrassed like this. At this point, it’s almost an obsession.

  2. As fine as T.O. is, he has NO hustle at all!

    He’s good looking and has a nice body, that alone will help him support himself.

    Even if he doesn’t have what it takes to be an NFL analyst, he could build himself a profitable fitness empire. Start off with some workout regimens and maybe open a chain of gyms or something like that. I’m sure he could find willing investors for that. Instead, he seems intent on making this football thing happen when that ship has sailed.

    I can’t feel sorry for him because he’s STILL in a better position than most. High-profile name (for better or worse), fuckable on every level, and athletic, but he lacks HUSTLE.

    Shit he can come twerk for me for $5 right now!

    *cues Juicy J*

    1. I thought of that too cause he does have a nice body, but I don’t think T.O. could do something like that because it’s just not him and not to mention he will find some way to mess it up. LOL

  3. Jay I think like you, as someone who is now really into fitness and health, T.O. has the body to be a reputable person who could make money in this field. It must be his ego or he is not very smart, to capitalize on his workout ethic. I bought his fitness book several years back but to be honest it was a bust, they were literally giving it away. I think T.O. does not have a likable factor like some athletes. He has burned so many bridges that the analyst thing is pretty much out the window unless someone wants a controversial figure on a sports panel.

    I think in T.O. mind, he really believes he has a future as a model or actor, and that is probably not the direction to go in,if he really wants to make some real income. There is so much business opportunities that he can take advantage of to still make a good living, if its nothing more than opening up a Subway franchise or some venture like that, his name still has value to raise capital. Maybe he will be successful in his bid to get some of his stolen money back.

    If all else fails, you got to use the old standby of selling that ass on Craigslist. Tough times call for tough measures.

    1. Shit, he better try A4A, ever since Craigslist took down that escort section you can’t even give it away on there…so I hear. LMAO!

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed for an “T.O. rent party” where he fucks some ratchet girl or bottom on an air mattress for a $10 donation at the door. Lol

      1. With all that ass one could dream. With all the kids he has he should have at least a decent dick game.

        Like I said he should be doing workout videos and writing fitness books. There are not many high profile black fitness gurus. That would be a nice void for him to fill.

  4. I think he and Chad should live together as roommates (or whatever) and have a reality series. They could call it “Basket Cases” (I should be doing this for a livingt?) with the goal to see at the end of the tv season, which one of them would wind up on top. What a cliffhanger!

    1. I cant with that name, I can go to bed now laughing my ass off, good ass concept though, I would tune in, the promo’s would be endless, see two broke baller’s finally find love and success. I can bet my bottom dollar that they are both are gonna end up with black women now they are broke and humbled.

  5. My thing with T.O. he does have this arrogance about him, but like everyone has stated he would be very profitable in the fitness arena due to his stamina and that body to die for. T.O. overall need would be to find a person or persons whom would be with him and not trying to get over on him. I know he is a great individual, because he was raised by his grandmother and in his reality show it showed that he has a sensitive side. These high profile athletes need to now that these women who they get involved in are out to get what every they can and however they can, so if it means getting a baby I got you!!!

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