Baller Wolf, Justin Hunter, Takes Good Mugshot

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 11.04.44 PMhe cute…
but he seems a little “tick tick boom”.
usually they give the best pipe down.
so baller wolf,
justin hunter of the tennessee titans,
turned himself in to police today.
why you ask?
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Delanie Walker’s Fiance Learned Yesterday (and Taught Us Something Today)

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 9.35.01 AMballer wolf of the tennessee titans,
delanie walker,
learned the hard way yesterday.

well he found out his fiance of 10 years,
racine lewin,
is an intentional spy.
we gonna get into that 10 years thing later.
not in the cool “action adventure” kind of way tho.
delanie learned his fiance can hack his instagram and post this…
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Top Shelf Wolf: Zaviar Gooden

bildedo you see zaviar gooden’s arms?
oh and BTW:
he is a line backer for the tennessee titans.,
 texas born,
and also was a pre baller wolf at the same school as michael sam.
just not a “micheal sam”.
if you know what i mean.
well when i saw these pictures on my tumblr...
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Retired Baller Wolf, Jevon Kearse, Is In A Mighty Bit of Trouble

jevon kearse.
aka the freak:

next to rodney harrison,
he was another “daddy baller wolf” i had a crush on.
i wanted him to beat the brakes off me when i first saw him.
jevon is a dark chocolate stallion wolf…
…who is in a heap of trouble with the IRS and his mortgage

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Who Has A Couch Vince Young Can Crash On?

this was during good times.

you know the moment you (baller wolf) realize you are now the shit.
you get that big check and you go wild.
everyone pats you on the back.
you didn’t have to work for nothing because everything came easy.
you start doing shit you know your broke ass wouldn’t have done in college.
with yes men, money hungry hoes, and no one who truly gives a shit about you…
…you become the example.
one of the many examples to be rolled out as the years go on of how stupid you were.
everything that brought you pleasure is now highlighted as mistakes.
vince young got dropped by the buffalo bills and has no money.
but what puzzles me with his whole story is what he spent his money on….

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