Baller Wolf, Justin Hunter, Takes Good Mugshot

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 11.04.44 PMhe cute…
but he seems a little “tick tick boom”.
usually they give the best pipe down.
so baller wolf,
justin hunter of the tennessee titans,
turned himself in to police today.
why you ask?


Tennessee Titans wide receiver Justin Hunter was arrested in Virginia today … after allegedly beating up someone in a crazy bar fight earlier this month. 

Cops say Hunter was involved in a brawl at the Sandbar Raw Bar in Virginia Beach on July 3rd — where a victim was transported to a hospital to treat the injuries.

Hunter surrendered to authorities on Monday and was charged with felonious assault. He’s being held at Virginia Beach City Jail. 

The 24-year-old is set to be arraigned tomorrow.

…lets hope he didn’t beat up some vixen.
i’m hoping this isn’t the case.
on lighter news,
he was born to take a good mug shot:

…let me stop before he comes beat my ass next.

lowkey: judging from his instagram,
he a little ratchet.
i like that.
article taken: tmz sports | pictures taken: instagram

7 thoughts on “Baller Wolf, Justin Hunter, Takes Good Mugshot

    1. Couldn’t agree more! Wish these dudes could get their act together and stop doing so much foolish shyt! Clubs and bars are nothing but trouble…they need to stay away from those environments. A lot of people use those settings to set them up for a payday of some kind! Their mentality is, “Let me piss him off so he can hit me…KACHING!!! LOL
      They’re putting your livelihood at risk with stupid behavior like that, but then again their coaches/attorneys/team owners get them off all the time, so why would they act right?!
      It’s not until it’s too late that they realize they were behaving like a jackass. So sad!

  1. He defiantly a cutie hope he uses that anger in the bedroom to relive some stress not fighting.

  2. Oh my my my….Virginia Beach is my hometown. Lol let me stroll over to the city jail for a CONJICAL visit. WTF is wrong with these dudes and their PSS—public displays of stupidity!!!!!

    Side Note: Are y’all watching Ballers on HBO????

    1. @Zeus…I watch it! I like it too!
      I think it would be better if Rock wasn’t in it. His character is boring.

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