Delanie Walker’s Fiance Learned Yesterday (and Taught Us Something Today)

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 9.35.01 AMballer wolf of the tennessee titans,
delanie walker,
learned the hard way yesterday.

well he found out his fiance of 10 years,
racine lewin,
is an intentional spy.
we gonna get into that 10 years thing later.
not in the cool “action adventure” kind of way tho.
delanie learned his fiance can hack his instagram and post this…

2mnnndv 9hl2cg xc8xw.













tumblr_njmoibeACW1qdjbb7o1_500…how passive aggressive was that entire thing?

“he won’t marry me because i’m too good looking”

okay what?
lets talk about this dumb ass
and i’m not talking about delanie.
well delanie can’t keep his dick in his pants,
but if she ALLOWED it then why is she complaining?
she thought she was going to embarrass him yesterday.
have everyone rush to stroke her hair and be a shoulder to cry on.
what she confirmed is she simply is:

a dumb ass

she chose to stick around and deal with it.
10 years of the same run around?
excuse me?
like she said,
every february she was given her walking papers.
he replaced her with new pussy all summer long until the season started.
she could have left and move on to a wolf more her speed,
but she decided to stick around and look like a dumb ass.
i suspect she saw dollar signs and good black pipe.
i mean look at him:

he looks like “BBC”.
i bet all it took was a good taming with that same “BBC” to shut her up too.
i don’t think it worked this time tho.

listen there is a saying i live by:


… clearly she taught him that she is a dumb ass.
its a shame this story backfired on her.
i hope she gets it together for the cub’s sake.
i would hate to see what life lessons she teaches her.

lowkey: let this be a lesson for everyone.
there is always a lesson.
make sure that when you are outing someone,
you don’t end up looking like the bigger dumb ass.

fH2P3pictures taken: instagram

14 thoughts on “Delanie Walker’s Fiance Learned Yesterday (and Taught Us Something Today)

  1. Jamari, Evelyn Lozada, a woman that throws champagne bottles at people and bullies other women for reality television isn’t the best example. Eveyln has always been pretty open with using men to support her lifestyle. That sad shoe store is not making her any money. She went through 3 athletes in 3 different leagues. I never really sensed she ever really loved Chad. He was just an accessory.

    I did feel sorry for Dwayne Wade’s wife, because she was with Wade when he had nothing and her family took him in, but she obviously has issues as well.

    Other than that who else you do you have in mind?

    All I said was if she was just in it for the money she could’ve switched him out like that other football players snow bunny did and got blasted.

    White gold diggers typically go for alimony, while the black ones go for child support.

    She wasn’t the first woman or gay man to let a man make a fool out of her and won’t be the last.

  2. Off the topic but still pertinent is the fact I see the beginning of a nice plump ass in that back selfie…*heavy sigh*

  3. Why are y’all dragging her? Do y’all know what it feels like to be in love? Oh, and let’s excuse his cheating ways. Do y’all know what it’s like to live that lifestyle? I doubt it. I would have been hesitant to leave too.

    1. Lol they need to be reminded!

      Like no one here has chased after and forgiven a fine dude that treated them like shit and paid them dust.

      I’m usually skeptical when these snow bunnies go after these athletes, but I believe she really loved him. No one wastes 10 years of their life for money and fancy shit, because you’re wasting your pretty years you could be using to bag someone else quicker. Lol

      She’s obviously had her “aha” moment hopefully.

      1. ^would these answers be different if it was a black vixen?
        I’ve written a about sistas and their baller wolf drama.
        no sympathy.
        and what about evelyn lozada?
        she was in a similar situation,
        11 years of being cheated on,
        and people weren’t kind to her at all.

        10 years come february,
        she is dropped like a bad habit?
        then once september hits,
        she is back with him for a few more months?

  4. Welp I’ll be the odd man out and say I think she was really in love with him if she stayed that long and endured that.

    White girls don’t play that shit like black women do. If you’re not marrying them in two years tops they’ll be on to the next.

    If she’s was with him that means she had the opportunity to find another meal ticket. White gold diggers get the ring first and then maybe get pregnant, while the black thots just go for getting pregnant.

    She was just a sucker for love, but shit if they’ve been living together for 10 years can she get spousal support? Shit that’s damn near a common law marriage lol

  5. SMH. She’s a good one, but there are lots them like her. Money and/or good peen will have them tossing all their morals and brains out the window.

  6. All she saw was $$$ signs, and that’s why her dumb ass stuck around. Now that a child is involved, it’s about to get worse. Remember a tiger can’t change it’s stripes. He will continue to do what he does…and her dumb ass will continue to suffer, instead of removing herself from the unhealthy situation.
    She should’ve nipped it in the bud a long time ago..but she created a monster that she has no control over.

  7. yeah movie title “10 Years A Fool” #bitchbegone she obviously doesnt have other black girlfriends (the real ones who #aintgottime4dat). She allowed herself to be played and she just showed her shitty stained pannies to the public. #byegirlbye. I see why she wont let that fine piece of specimen of God’s creation go however. I’d let him hit it all 10 of those years anyway he liked lol

    1. ^i have no sympathy.
      she was foolish.
      and all that passive aggression?
      For what?
      she could have cut all that out.
      it made her self esteem look crazy.

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