We Get To See It In “Slow Motion”

tumblr_njsbbcm6261qbw767o2_250 tumblr_njsbbcm6261qbw767o1_250so tremaine is getting ready to release his “re-release” of trigga.
“slow motion” is the lead single.
am i the only one who likes this song now?
i played the fuck out of it one day going to work.
that was a sidebar.
anyway he released the video on v-day.
it was directed by dre films
and well…

not bad.
kind of “whatever”,
but the song is real hot.
i can see that being a slow grind in the club.
or at home with your wolf sitting in a chair.
ya know…
i loved this part:

tumblr_njsfx8bAXm1qki2c1o1_500i love the way he knows how to kiss a hoe.
he goes all in in her mouth and face.

now lets get onto important things.
can we talk about the jacket and the kicks?

say what you want about him,
but tremaine does “good wardrobe”.
i think the sneakers maybe giuseppe zanotti,
but i’m not too sure.
god i love the way that word rolls off my tongue.
“giuseppe zanotti”.

that was a sidebar.
anyway if any of the “f-bi: fashion unit” has an idea of both pieces,
please let a fox know.
you can cop “trigga: re-loaded”:

tumblr_njsujx7rBC1unjvpto1_540bts video taken: instagram

13 thoughts on “We Get To See It In “Slow Motion”

  1. Trey Songz is LAZY and as long as those fans who don’t buy his albums continue to eat up what he is selling he will continue to be a continuous one hit wonder.

    1. No, he needs to get his behind and back in the studio and give his fans a powerful song. A hit colab record with an artist such as John Legend would help. This will open the door for him to be known to white america and the possibility of him winning a Grammy, which is something he really wants. He can’t do it alone. A song with Sam Smith would work as well. This is far fetched and would be risky for Sam more than Trey. I don’t know much about the music industry, but I do know artists have to be careful about who they choose to work with, but Trey needs a good colab to move up. I’m just saying

      1. ^I agree with this comment. He needs to go outside of his “comfort zone” and do something different with his music. Everyone and their brotha is talkin about what they can do in the bedroom and throwing up glasses in the club. It’s boring and old. Time to mix it up. He needs to work with a producer who isn’t afraid to take risks. I think he should work with Timbaland. He’s always doing different things with music and beats. If Trey continues to do the same thing, he will never achieve that fame and recognition outside of the black community that he “secretly” desires.

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