the complicated life and love of ernest diaz (made for tv)

i have a coupon for some money off celestial seasonings tea.
i love a nice cup of tea (liquid and in my ears).
i keep forgetting to bring it out of the crib when i go to the store.
here am i forgetting a damn coupon but ya’ll are good at keeping up double and triple lives.
ernest diaz,
who is pictured above from new yawk,
had no issue forgetting to keep up his pretty busy life.
so get this.
he had…

A long term girlfriend
3 young kids
Another girlfriend
His older John that he met being a sex worker
A boyfriend who ended up killing him the other day

it’s a lot via ny daily news

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We Get To See It In “Slow Motion”

tumblr_njsbbcm6261qbw767o2_250 tumblr_njsbbcm6261qbw767o1_250so tremaine is getting ready to release his “re-release” of trigga.
“slow motion” is the lead single.
am i the only one who likes this song now?
i played the fuck out of it one day going to work.
that was a sidebar.
anyway he released the video on v-day.
it was directed by dre films
and well…

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