I Hacked His Phone and This Is What I Found

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this dumb ass...
aight let me see his private messages…
i gave him 3 benadryls so he gonna be sleep until tomorrow afternoon.
just as i thought!
this asshole.

i don’t want to be this person.

“hackin’ my wolf’s phone to find out if he is cheatin’ on me.”

that person makes me break out in hives.
i usually judge that person in my head.

“if they know their wolf isn’t faithful,
what more proof is needed?

sometimes you can have all the proof and still need the “gut punch”.
you need to read the messages.
see the sexting.
your nose needs to inhale the bullshit.
no chaser.
so there you are…
screenshotting and emailing evidence to yourself.
sending messages to the hoes with a promise of an ass whoopin’.
why is the aggression directed at his ass?
why not drop him and realize our worth?
at some point,
in the matters of love,
do we all become “that person”?
the one who has to stalk his social media accounts?

i had to wonder…

Can you see yourself hackin’ your man’s phone?
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Delanie Walker’s Fiance Learned Yesterday (and Taught Us Something Today)

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 9.35.01 AMballer wolf of the tennessee titans,
delanie walker,
learned the hard way yesterday.

well he found out his fiance of 10 years,
racine lewin,
is an intentional spy.
we gonna get into that 10 years thing later.
not in the cool “action adventure” kind of way tho.
delanie learned his fiance can hack his instagram and post this…
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