I Hacked His Phone and This Is What I Found

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this dumb ass...
aight let me see his private messages…
i gave him 3 benadryls so he gonna be sleep until tomorrow afternoon.
just as i thought!
this asshole.

i don’t want to be this person.

“hackin’ my wolf’s phone to find out if he is cheatin’ on me.”

that person makes me break out in hives.
i usually judge that person in my head.

“if they know their wolf isn’t faithful,
what more proof is needed?

sometimes you can have all the proof and still need the “gut punch”.
you need to read the messages.
see the sexting.
your nose needs to inhale the bullshit.
no chaser.
so there you are…
screenshotting and emailing evidence to yourself.
sending messages to the hoes with a promise of an ass whoopin’.
why is the aggression directed at his ass?
why not drop him and realize our worth?
at some point,
in the matters of love,
do we all become “that person”?
the one who has to stalk his social media accounts?

i had to wonder…

Can you see yourself hackin’ your man’s phone?

welp she did it again.
my home vixen.
she found out he was cheating yet again.
i don’t know how she does it,
but she found out his pass code and went to snoopin’.
he had od bitches on all social media apps.
he was sexting a few.
fucked a couple.
was trying to make one his side piece.
tumblr_ndkglcs39w1u01e50o6_250he has been a busy wolf out here.
well she texted me about it earlier.
she said her spirit told her he wasn’t being honest.
i swear your spirit is the perfect gps for “fuck shit happening’”.

“why don’t you leave this dude?” – i asked

“i love him jamari.
we have a kid together.
i’m trying to make this work.” – she responded.

i_dont_even_ndt…buuuuuutttttttttt she is always trying to make this work tho.
her wolf is a dawg.
its like she is addicted to finding out he is cheating.
the crazy part?

they just celebrated their 3 year anniversary

on her instagram,
you would think they were a happy couple.
pictures of them at dinner.
them in bed together.
they look real “ryde or die”.
every caption is something to make us believe they happy.
you don’t even know she exist on his.
he don’t even claim her.
well the cub does.
like at when do you get to that point?
to be the “fool in love”?

i had to ask myself if i could really judge?
she obvious got caught up.
she said she doesn’t want to be single again.
single with a cub.
why deal with all the fuck shit?
why make up excuses?

“i really want to make this work.
i do.
he will change.”

hell the way i was/am with work wolf,
i had to be honest with myself today:

“i’m not ready because i will become that person”

when you choose to date good lookin’ (baller) wolves,
unless your self esteem is at a certain level,
you will always be ready to hack his phone.
hell even ugly wolves,
with exceptional game,
will have you going coo coo.

well that type of shit will make you go fuckin’ crazy,
but i couldn’t help but wonder even if we find out he is cheating…

Will we leave?

WitQ5…because you think you won’t ever be “that person”.
well everyone becomes “that person”.
it takes “the wrong person” to make us lose control.
even wolves.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “I Hacked His Phone and This Is What I Found”

  1. Jesus Christ I remember those days. My ex-wolf was the purest, most organic form of a fuck boy. I was saying the same exact things your homegirl said. I was terrified of being alone and I wanted him to change, but both God and I know he never changed. It’s like a never ending merry go round ride of bullshit. You just have to know when to get off, because if not you will get stuck in the cycle of stress and pain. Hopefully your friend will get tired eventually and leave, but she has to be ready to.

  2. This right here is the main reason why I am unattached. I don’t have time for this. It’s either you’re here or you’re not.

    1. ^Co-sign D112!!! I tell people straight up where I’m going, when I’ll be back, etc. If you don’t believe me or wanna check up on me…that’s YOUR insecurity, not mine. I’ve had people who THOUGHT they were playing me, but when I called them on it…they were politely shown the door and their number was deleted from my phone. If I can be committed, you can do the same.

  3. It’s sad to hear your friend is going through that. I can’t even judge her no one starts off being that person but when you go through relationship woes people change. I would like to say if I was dating a super fine wolf I would be confident in his love for me but you never know.

  4. *big sigh*
    Ok, I admit I have done this before. When my dude and I first started dating I was in high school and this was right around the time when social media really started to pop off. I hacked his MySpace and definitely saw some fuck shit that I didn’t wanna see. Because of that, I could never fully trust him. June will make 9 years of us being together and I have yet to hack again, (minus that one time, which we did break up) because I know that in doing so there is always potential to find something I won’t like. To me it’s a double edged sword because you definitely don’t want to be with someone that is cheating so I always find that it’s better to know than not know, however, I am a firm believer in “if you go looking for something, you’ll end up finding it” and if you find it, you have to be ready to deal with the results. I mean honestly your homegirl needs to let it go and move on. It’s hard as fuck to do, but he doesn’t sound like the one for her, plus he is putting her in a dangerous spot because God only knows if he is using protection with these women. Her best bet is to give hat negro his walking papers, have a good cry and watch Waiting to Exhale, then get her shit together and go out and find a man who wants her and only her.

      1. Shit it is but trust me it can be done. I mean anybody’s two choices in situations like this is to turn the other cheek and pretend not to know that they cheat, or let it go and find a faithful companion that only wants you (or you in threesome if you’re into that…I kid, I kid). There are still faithful people out there in this world. Nobody has to put up with that shit.

  5. I’m ALL for hacking your significant other’s cell phone, but ONLY if it’s for confirmation of what you already suspect!

    I’m a territorial person, so cheating is a deal breaker for me. I honestly don’t think I can get past it and forgive because I don’t consider cheating or inappropriate behavior a “mistake”. You made a conscious decision to disrespect me and I’m suppose to let you have a do over? Nope, I need to set you free and let you see if these thots are going to be loyal and look out like me!

    Now people shouldn’t snoop if this is the umpteenth time you have had an issue with this person being unfaithful. Obviously, once that line has been crossed and they see you won’t leave or you come right back, they’re going to continue to cheat.

    So there’s no need in working yourself up and if you know you’re not going to do anything to change the situation.

  6. Women in particular kill me staying with a man that’s been cheating on them for 20 years.

    You need to chunk deuces the first time he steps out of line. Get out while you’re still young with 0-2 kids!
    They want to stay and put up with the bullshit and let a dude age them from stress, have 5 kids by him, and then he leaves them inevitably down the line.

    I don’t care what anyone says love shouldn’t sacrifice your dignity and self respect. That’s what happens when people who don’t have an identity get with someone and make them their whole world.

    1. It’s even funnier when they check the side chick and think they did something special. Like sweetie YOU both are getting played. Lmao!!!!

  7. She needs to let that go like Keyshia Cole. If I have to go snooping through your phone it proves we don’t need to be together because that trust isn’t there. And when you’re cheated on ONCE, the trust takes a nosedive so when it happens multiple times you can guarantee the trust will never be the same. She needs to do what makes her happy and being with him honestly isn’t it. He obviously doesn’t want to change for her or their child so its best that she put herself and her happiness first. Leave that boy alone and let him do him.

  8. i can’t say nothing. 3 years together, that’s history. i understand her hesitation in wanting to leave. But stuff like this reminds me Stevie J and Mimi.

  9. He won’t change. But she needs to find the strength to leave. He’s gonna bring her cub a half sibling or a full STD. And the s/o is always nosy. My BM went digging and found out about my ex boyfriend and my ex boyfriend went digging and found out some next shit. It just comes with the territory. Pineapples….we can be good….but we all can do dog like things.

  10. Brothers, you seem to be overlooking there is a child in the picture. She might need the financial partnership. Plus, he might be good with the kid. How many other brothers will want to take on her and another man’s child?

    Relationships are based on many different things. Take Bill and Hillary Clinton for example. That marriage was based on power like Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Hillary knew what he was doing when they were in Arkansas. She parlayed staying with him to be Arkansas’ First Lady then the nation’s First Lady, which enabled her to go onto being elected a U.S. Senator and you see where she is now.

    This happens in many relationships. Do I think he is a cheat and undeserving? Yes, I do, but she has to think what’s best for her and the child. I suspect that little voice told her this long ago, perhaps before the child came into the picture. This is what happens when we override that sixth sense.

    I hope he doesn’t bring anything home. Some things have no cures.

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