Retired Baller Wolf Comes Out As Gay

Come on in fellas…
Don’t push!…

Wade Davis played football for the Tennessee Titans, Seattle Seahawks and Washington Redskins from 2000-04, but during his NFL career, he was keeping a very big secret.

Davis, 34, came out of the closet last year — well after his playing career. He was afraid to come out to his teammates and explained to OutSports that he even dropped $1,500 at a strip club just so people would think he was straight.

“You just want to be one of the guys, and you don’t want to lose that sense of family,” Davis told OutSports. “Your biggest fear is that you’ll lose that camaraderie and family. I think about how close I was with [Titans teammates] Jevon [Kearse] and Samari [Rolle]. It’s not like they’d like me less, it’s that they have to protect their own brand.”



So, I wonder…
how many down low Baller Wolves are getting invites to ATL Pride this year?

…and where is my invite to THOSE parties?
I use to want to send my foxtail to Jevon aka “THE FREAK” back in the day:


17 thoughts on “Retired Baller Wolf Comes Out As Gay


    THEY’LL all fall out of that crowded closet one after the other soon.. So my question is, do bottoms drop this guy out of the fantasy book? afterall he’s no longer a DL MASCULINE FOOTBALL playing “FANTASY” anymore

    i was telling a friend Don Lemon seemed EXTTTRA gay to me but noooo they said he was too “masculine” (a wolf ) to be gay…next week he came out as gay..

    I know who is gay in that industry, NOT my WISHLIST (most people just assume everyone they would like to fuck is gay) … they keep playing the straight card and these chumps keep eating it UP – WHOLE

  2. I’m not gonna front, I occasionally find myself attracted to white dudes. However, nothing can compare to a beautiful, black brutha. I;m sorry.

    Why do you think black women and gays are fighting over us?

  3. Damn Icee, you have me torn about this dude now after reading those articles. I feel proud of him for being brave enough to come out even after playing in the NFL, and letting other struggling brothers know its ok to pursue their love of sports. But their is a but, I was a little disappointed that he does not even look at brothers. I have problems with black dudes who dont like black dudes to date, I know that is his choice but I always see so many successful good looking brothers who look at other good looking successful black dudes like we are nothing. This dudes admits his self hatred which is brutally honest, because anytime you hear black men who like white men discuss this touchy subject that is never brought up. I have had some horror stories with black men, but its nothing that will ever turn me away from brothers. I actually thought that he was sort of this type when I saw the video, but I was hoping that I was wrong. Im sure he had a different persona when he actually played ball.

    It seems that the rare time a black male athlete comes out he never relates to me, he is going to have a white partner, or he is going to be a part of a white organization or be interviewed by a white publication. I know that some of that is probably due to the homophobia in the black community, but for once I would like to see a black dude have mad love for another black dude. But I do understand you have to do whats best for you at the time because no matter what, coming out to the world is not a easy process.

    1. I feel you tajan. I didn’t even know he was into white men. WTF? What is wrong with us black brothers? I guess we come with too much baggage for him.

    2. Doing what’s best for him is one thing, but being a closeted Black racist is another, and doing way too much.

      I’ve had the opposite experience with successful good looking Black dudes. I’ve run into a lot of Black dudes who I thought would be interested in White men or women only, but yet they flock to dark-skin Black people. Some of them are perceived to be Oreos and some are light skin Black men. Most of them are covertly racist against Whites because they hate having to skin and grin in corporate America, but it’s shocking once you get them alone and let them tell you how they really feel.

      It makes for good role play though, well it did…when I was single. LOL.

  4. Glad he came out to himself, BUT he has other issues…self-hatred, internalized racism-type issues. I wonder what he thinks about himself when he looks into a mirror.

    Exhibit A:

    Exhibit B:

    The question is: How can you consciously choose not to date, not be sexually attracted to, Black men, as a Black man? How is that working for Mr. Davis.

    1. @iceededppl: on the run right now so will have to check out the links you posted later but wanted to say that, as soon as I saw his interview the other day from another site, something called out to me, this brother is into white dudes — not making a value judgment but the vibe could not have been more strong and I found him clockable. in fact, I think that, the $1,500.00 outlay notwithstanding, his teammates were just bigger than he credited them with being, unless they were really clueless. Perhaps, the one who called him aside knew the deal.

      I will say this: I think some who grow up in black communities where there might be a lot of taunting and teasing, decide to flee to gay ghettoes, which are generally white, as soon as they are able to move away from home. Others of us are stronger and, perhaps, prefer the comfort of the black community versus the white community. I, also, think the environment in which one is raised has a lot to do with it. I’m a city boy who grew up in a majority black city in a majority black neighborhood and love city living. I have friends, who are comfortable with their sexuality who grew up in the suburbs or more rural settings and don’t like living in urban areas.

      1. Sure environment plays a role. If he was one Black in a sea of Lances and Beckys then I can see him be attracted to mostly White. But to pass up a Harvard educated doctor because of his skin tone–which he also shares–in hopes of gaining access to a group of people who hates his guts then I’m a need Mr. Davis to have several seats and put a dunce cap.

        I read those articles a while ago before seeing his interview with Soledad and I’m still not impressed.

        There is something suicidal about self-hatred, this bothers me, and he is not the only one.

    2. I think that his issues are endemic to many Black people as well – straight, bi, or gay. The fear & self-hatred; the idea that to be seen as ‘successful,’ you have to have a White man/woman on your arm; especially pro athletes/actors/singers.

    3. as a white dude, been with many bruthaz that refuse to be with other black dudes…. they like lookin down at those green or blue eyes, and silky blonde hair. some say it’s a hygiene issue, others say it’s a macho/drama issue, or that they can’t be around shady peeps/they don’t wanna mess around with-blk promiscuity and some nasty std’s out there, etc…. my cruisin bud is black and he hates the crotch and underarm smell of bruthaz, even a few minutes out the shower. as for me, give me all the sweaty stink bros and I will swall’em all up. now mind you I have only been with around 2-3K blk dudes, mostly married on the d/l in the last 20 years. oh yeah, most level headed bros that stray every now and then hate effeminate bruthaz…. I think it is a preference, together with a safety issue-anyway opposites attract!

  5. yea jamari!!! i wonder who tiped you off about this???? anyway i can see this is just the tip of the iceburg. Ballers gona start comin out the closet like crazy

  6. I’ve never heard of him until now. I know it must be hard to be a gay athlete, especially when you want to blend in with teammates. It’s good to hear that he’s working the young ones of the LBGT community. I know this is wrong, but if I were an athlete, I could see myself blowing 1,500 to make people believe I’m straight, yup I sure would, that’s the way it is sometimes. It is what it is.

    Wade is a lil cutie, he seems cool, and he could def. get it. Jevon could too. 🙂

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