Retired Baller Wolf, Jevon Kearse, Is In A Mighty Bit of Trouble

jevon kearse.
aka the freak:

next to rodney harrison,
he was another “daddy baller wolf” i had a crush on.
i wanted him to beat the brakes off me when i first saw him.
jevon is a dark chocolate stallion wolf…
…who is in a heap of trouble with the IRS and his mortgage

Jevon Kearse, the former Titans and Eagles defensive end who played in the NFL for 11 seasons and earned about $45 million, is apparently struggling financially less than four years after receiving his last NFL paycheck.

The South Florida Business Journal reports that the IRS filed a tax lien against Kearse for $432,015 in November, and that a bank that granted Kearse a $5.25 million mortgage filed a lawsuit against him in December.

Kearse bought a 6,064-square-foot home for $6.05 million in 2004 and signed a $5.25 million mortgage on it two years later. Kearse bought the home shortly after receiving a $16 million signing bonus from the Eagles, so it’s odd that he ever needed to take out a mortgage — or at least it would be odd if stories of athletes blowing their millions weren’t par for the course by now. Although Kearse hasn’t spoken publicly about his financial issues, the combination of the IRS and mortgage problems suggests that he’s broke.

As the Titans’ first-round draft pick in 1999, Kearse burst onto the scene as the league’s defensive rookie of the year, and he was a Pro Bowler in each of his first three seasons. Kearse made about $9 million on his rookie contract, about $30 million on the free agent contract he signed with the Eagles in 2004 and about $6 million on the contract he signed with the Titans in 2008.


i don’t understand why nfl baller wolves end up broke like this.
i know jevon liked to party,
but damn!

jevon messed up trusting jeff rubin as his financial advisor.
i know he couldn’t predict the future,
but still.
that asshole made a living scamming other baller wolves.
thank god for google search now.
next and the most important thing if you are getting all that money:


why take out a mortgage?
just buy it out.
it’s not like you don’t have the money.
a fox like me would say fuck a house.
buy a condo.
at least if shit goes wrong,
i own my home.
plus homes you have extra bills to deal with.
i didn’t even know you got a ticket for not mowing your lawn.
these baller wolves may need to call her:

lowkey: i hope jevon gets it together.
would they let him still play?

12 thoughts on “Retired Baller Wolf, Jevon Kearse, Is In A Mighty Bit of Trouble

  1. I have seen this over and over again. These guys are going to have get their education along with playing football in college and stop focusing so hard on the NFL. Majority comes from a poor background and they are trying to help eveyone. Most important is the education and then sports. My nephew is os driven in his education and sports comes next. They have got to get coaches and other staff along with thier families to explain this issue. I f they are in need of the money then go, but on the off season reenroll in the school or another school that is close to the area they are playing or either living. Take one class each time they can in order to have something to fall back on once they are done with any sport. Look at Shaq how he worked on getting his degrees during his professional run.

  2. I always loved this chocolate mass of muscle and thickness!!! He was so fine and just big!!! The Freak can still freak me any day of the week!!!

  3. This record is so old, worn and played until you just now expect this from our sports superstars. I wish that the NFL would make all rookies sign with Financial professionals who have been vetted by the league to be credible and trustworthy and they would have to put at least 35% of their earnings in some type of special fund for the first 3 years. I know thats drastic and will never happen but this man should still be a multi-millionaire if he had the right financial advise. Its sad that in our community we dont have the financial savy or info to hide our money in the Caymans and in tax shelters like the Romneys of the world. His financial advisors need to be brought up on criminal charges because its no way that he should be in any tax trouble, but I know hard headed athletes think the bling lifestyles and the money will last forever.

  4. More successful ones than the bad but of course no one talks about the good stories just the woes of the fallen. One good example is Robert Griffith google him and read his achievements and he’s also a fine looking MF.

  5. I don’t understand it either Jamari. It’s common knowledge that the NFL is not guaranteed money and when you retire you are thrown to the dogs. There have also been countless stories of ballers going broke.

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