Guess Which Video Vixen Looks Good and Can Sell You A House?

there are a ton of washed up video vixens.
some end up making escorting their final career choice.
others end up working at restaurants and allegedly giving wolves the herp.

not this one.
this retired video vixen wanted more for herself and has the degrees to prove it…

Hip-Hop model/media personality Melyssa Ford will try her hand at a new career, the lucrative world of real estate.

Melyssa Ford has joined the Blu Realty Group, a full-service, luxury real estate company based in New York.

Ford has joined Blu Realty Group as a real estate broker, with plans to bring in high net worth clients from the entertainment and sports world.

Melyssa Ford will be working directly with the founders of Blu Realty Group, Chadad and Moshe Balalo.

Together, the Balalo’s closed over $100 million in property sales in 2012 alone. They were also named two of the top real estate brokers by industry trade magazine, The Real Deal.

“We are extremely excited to have Melyssa on board with Blu Realty,” stated Chadad. “Ms. Ford will add a high net worth clientele base to our already diverse client list in New York.”

Melyssa Ford recently completed a three-month program with Blu Realty Group, which included intense training with an on-site real estate teacher, in addition to being mentored by the Chadad’s.

In fact, Melyssa Ford has already assisted Blu Realty Group in closing a $15 million real estate sale on Central Park South, in New York.

Ford graduated from York University with a degree in Forensic Psychology.

The model, who was named “Video Vixen of The Decade by Complex magazine, has been featured in videos by artists like Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Usher and others.


a degree in forensic psychology too?
melyssa don’t play.
wasn’t she in think like a man too?
she could have been a washed up video vixen like the rest.
she always struck me as someone who wanted more for themselves.
i always liked how she carried herself in interviews too.
i remember when game said she drove a honda accord in that one song?
that she wouldn’t get far?


i think she showed him.

9 thoughts on “Guess Which Video Vixen Looks Good and Can Sell You A House?

  1. She’s more articulate than the average video vixen, but she’s still thirsty. She’s just more discreet with it.

    I forget she’s Canadian.

  2. Damn! I knew she was my favorite for a reason. 🙂
    She’s one of the very few video vixens with a good head on her shoulders (and not the one some of you are thinking about lol.)

  3. Who knew? I actually used to think she was like the rest of the video vixens especially since some of these rappers use to try to paint her as a groupie, but I see she rose above the fray and she never even entertained the fuckery nor has she been caught up in “Ho Shit” as many of them have (coughs-Supahead ) proud that she used her platform to her advantage and not just to get into parties and become a jump off.

  4. Go head Melyssa. That’s my girl right there. All she needs is a fine husband to complement her.

  5. Oh she is one of the few girls that I genuinely have respect for. She is VERY intelligent and never been about that life. She is what you call an old school type of chick, used her beauty AND brains to get what she want.

    Good for her!

  6. That she did, I love her she is my favorite vixen, met her a few times at various events, such a classy woman… she knows her worth to some extent….

    1. ^i often wondered why video vixens don’t follow in those footsteps.
      they don’t always stay young forever.
      tits sag.
      cheeks deflate.
      you gotta have something to fall back on,

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