you know i love this one.
well he has definitely changed his look…

didn’t expect that one…

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “MEAT: LEFTOVERS (269)

      1. No, he’s smaller. Leaner. He used to be a lot thicker than that.

        Dudes get on this workout shit and lose their minds.

  1. I think he may have gotten caught up in the industry standard that you have to be thinner, I saw another model dude who used to be a little thicker who is also thinner, it doesnt come off as good on black dudes on camera when they are leaner. I think we may just be used to seeing brothers who are more muscular, but I understand that does not always translate on film for fashion campaigns, I really thought that he was more fitness model as most black dudes are. I dont like these photo’s at all, he looks hella better in his camera phone pics. I do think however he has a different look that might let him through the door, have seen some campaigns he is in and the pictures have been pretty hot, but these not so much.

  2. Mmmmmm!!! Still looking good!!! I’ve been in lust/love with him a long time!!! I love his chest!!! I just want to taste every inch of him!!!

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