f0XXX: Her Body Builder Wolf Puts All His Weight In Her

who doesn’t like a wolf who works out?
nothing better than laying next to a muscular wolf and rubbing all on his body.
feeling all those rips and cuts.
excuse me.
 just drooled.
sometimes i think they would rather go to the gym than beat some cakes up.
this wolf:

well he and his vixen decided to film their session…

¬†“WORK OUT” (1)

“WORK OUT” (2)

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “f0XXX: Her Body Builder Wolf Puts All His Weight In Her”

    1. Jamari it’s good they ain’t show verry disappointing. Now back to my Malibu red and pinapple cocktail celebrating my 27 b-day today even though it was Monday lol

  1. I got you Jamari search voyeurslut69 on xtube and bam you got it. Now his big ass cakin to damn much and the strike is weak. But there are other videos to look at so enjoy

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