Daddy (Teach Me)

“i believe the children are our future.
teach them well and let them lead the way…”

that is one of my favorite songs from the late,
whitney houston.
“the greatest love of all”.
the cubs of today are the leaders for tomorrow.
it is up to us to teach them.
well this father is teaching his cubs black history,
among other things.
i saw the following video on tumblr and it left me to wonder…

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BK Brandon Is So Smart ‘n’ Sh*t

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 11.12.34 AMso i was just sniffing around bk brandon’s lair on instagram.
just looking at him allows me to see god’s blessings.
well i think god also led me to indulge in his pecs and this message he posted.
its what happens when you open your heart,
but you may have given it to the wrong source
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David Banner About To Make Me A Believer

tumblr_mojgpgPFAU1rm2vs9o1_500i use to think david banner was just some typical country rapper.
nothing special, ya know?
well he made me a recent believer when i saw this pic

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mental homework: (16)

i want you guys to check out today’s comments from mind blown.
[insert “it blew my mind” joke]

it was something to think about in the “fox in the other city” entry…

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Guess Which Video Vixen Looks Good and Can Sell You A House?

there are a ton of washed up video vixens.
some end up making escorting their final career choice.
others end up working at restaurants and allegedly giving wolves the herp.

not this one.
this retired video vixen wanted more for herself and has the degrees to prove it…

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Premium Meat of the Minute: Nic Harris

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