when a baller wolf is fed up (vontae davis bid adieu)

how many of us dreamed of going on lunch while at work,
or even break,
and never coming back?
baller wolf,
or should i say “ex baller wolf”
vontae davis is my life goals.
even though many are upset,
i thought it was very inspiring.
he just up and quit the nfl during a bills game.
this is what “bleacher report” has to font…
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Baller Wolf, Zay Jones, Get Naked For Jesus

what alleged drugs did they give this baller wolf?
you’ll be wondering the same after the following.
so isaiah jones aka zay jones,
who plays for the buffalo bills,
had a complete moment last weekend.

he sacrificed his clothing and wanted to do something noble for Jesus.
a foxholer sent me the article to share with the foxhole via “the daily mail/tmz”
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Baller Wolf Kevin Thomas Needs To Get Signed Again

tumblr_meh2qlgLxT1qk5j8to1_1280everyone meet kevin thomas.
he is a free agent who use to play for the buffalo bills.
i may need them to draft kevin again.

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Who Has A Couch Vince Young Can Crash On?

this was during good times.

you know the moment you (baller wolf) realize you are now the shit.
you get that big check and you go wild.
everyone pats you on the back.
you didn’t have to work for nothing because everything came easy.
you start doing shit you know your broke ass wouldn’t have done in college.
with yes men, money hungry hoes, and no one who truly gives a shit about you…
…you become the example.
one of the many examples to be rolled out as the years go on of how stupid you were.
everything that brought you pleasure is now highlighted as mistakes.
vince young got dropped by the buffalo bills and has no money.
but what puzzles me with his whole story is what he spent his money on….

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I Want Devale Ellis To Run Right Into My Bedroom

he is married with a kid.
i can dream, can’t i?
so i posted about him way back in the day.


a little on devale.
he was signed to the detriot lions in 2006 and became a free agent.
now, he is just free.
free and working on that fitness hustle with his company, Eliteprototypeathletics.com.

he has a work out video….
on youtube….
that made me realize how much i’d low key give him all that i got…

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ok i’m done being a snow bunny at a justin bieber concert.
someone sent me this picture in email.
is this shawne “shift my spine/Lights Out” merriman below?…

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