Baller Wolf, Zay Jones, Get Naked For Jesus

what alleged drugs did they give this baller wolf?
you’ll be wondering the same after the following.
so isaiah jones aka zay jones,
who plays for the buffalo bills,
had a complete moment last weekend.

he sacrificed his clothing and wanted to do something noble for Jesus.
a foxholer sent me the article to share with the foxhole via “the daily mail/tmz”

This is the moment NFL player Isaiah ‘Zay’ Jones ran naked through a Los Angeles apartment, got in a fight with his brother, and left the walls covered in blood.

The shocking video shows the Buffalo Bills wide receiver running down a hallway of a building saying he wants to ‘fight for Jesus’.  

Jones’ brother, Vikings wide receiver Cayleb Jones, tries to stop the 22-year-old and tells him to put some clothes on.

‘I wanna fight for Jesus,’ Jones says in the video. ‘Jesus is that way?’ 

Cayleb, 24, then blocks the hallway trying to keep his brother from taking off and the siblings get into a scuffle.

‘Stop, stop!’ Cayleb pleads with his younger brother.  

Jones eventually pushes past Cayleb and runs towards Cayleb’s girlfriend’s apartment. The woman is heard screaming in the background.

Another video shows blood splattered on the walls and floor in the hallway.

‘You got to be kidding me. It does look like a f***ing murder scene,’ the woman filming says.  

MZ reports that Jones kicked a hole in the window of a public balcony area and then tried to climb through the broken glass.

He also allegedly smashed a glass door at the end of the hallway on the floor, which was later seen boarded up in the clip.  

A witness told the outlet that Cayleb was allegedly trying to stop his brother from jumping out of a 30th floor window

Cayleb was able to restrain Jones until police arrived, the witness said.

Police said Tuesday that Jones, the Bills’ second round draft pick last year, was arrested for felony vandalism

Jones, who was being held in the medical ward of the Los Angeles County Jail, was released from custody on Wednesday morning at 4.45am. 

here are a few un-edited shots via “the daily mail/tmz”:

he has a nice tail.
he’s really handsome too:

oh sorry.
serious time.

in my head,
i’m wondering if he took something that had him hallucinating?
why else would someone strip naked and want to fight “for Jesus”?
it’s either that or he his “crazy” got activated somehow.
i would hope not.
he could get every inch inside my foxhole.
i hope zay realizes the nfl is about to be up that cute tail of his.
this was definitely not a good look.

lowkey: poor zay…

he looks innocent.

article cc: daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Baller Wolf, Zay Jones, Get Naked For Jesus

  1. He was carrying on like a friend of my uncle’s who got a hold of some weed laced with dust and his ass was running down the street buck naked acting a damn fool. He was a big muscular dude as it was, and it took 4 cops to hold him down…barely.

    I can only hope that it was a drug related incident and not mental illness. at least with a drug related incident he can get fined, go for treatment, and continue on. If it’s mental illness, they’re going to run him out of the League.

  2. He has a nice butt!!

    ….I mean…serious moment…

    Man, these folks and these drugs..This is almost as disturbing as that guy having a seizure from drugs and two tricks robbing him.

  3. He’s gorgeous, at first I was like “WHERE DA UNCENSOREDS AT!?” But after seeing how bad that got, My LORD!!!! I hope he didn’t cut himself up too bad on whatever glass he kicked through, that was entirely too much blood! I was terrified cause at first I thought the blood was from him attacking his brother or the girl that screamed!

  4. “Tina”. He must of got an strong dose of that drug and I hope he gets some intervention quickly. I know that autistic kid family probably would not want him anywhere near there child after that stunt. It make me wonder how ppl can discipher between fairy tale and reality. Sometime I meet guys in the sex scene while under these drug how do they hold their own? this event could have been tragic and fatal indeed had he been on a balcony floor. It seem he has a good heart but he needs to let go his vices.

  5. Heathens, the whole lot of you. This is a very seriously disturbing story about one of our own and all you can take away from is how good his behind looks? His family has to deal with this, religious people who forced their children into this fairy tale, slave cult. Massah is smiling down upon all of you beloved fools.

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