RIP Stephon Clark

he was handsome too.
i won’t lie to you,
but i teared up on the train this morning watching the following.
another black wolf gunned down by hunters.
this time,
it’s stephon clark.
his grandmother’s back yard in sacremento, california.
this is a side by side of the police body cam and helicopter footage

a cell phone that they thought was a gun.
how THE FUCK did they confuse the two?
and why did they shoot him 20 times?
even when he was on the ground?
i have so much questions that i can’t even get it out.
one thing tho…

Why was Stephon running?

that is the part that has me puzzled on his end,
but it still doesn’t explain why this father of two is dead today:

blacks are literally animals being hunted out here.
words can’t express the sadness i have for this family.
the foxhole is sending them love and light during their time of loss.
rip to stephon clark.

lowkey: i bet that disgusting orange filth had nothing to say about this.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “RIP Stephon Clark”

  1. I didn’t understand that either, the running part. But it looked like the moment they came around the corner of the house, they started shooting.
    And apparently they turned off the mics on their body cams right after the shooting.
    Why would they do that? Smells like a cover-up is coming…and a slap on the wrist.

  2. He was running because he was likely scared, when you live in an area where the police have been known to stalk and bully, all different types of scenarios goes through a person mind. My prayers goes out to his family and friends and hopefully justice gets served to his killers.

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