Kim and Kanye Make The Internet Blow Up In Less Than 60 Seconds

she finally got a gut full of human!…

kim finally got someone to coat down those walls successfully.
it had to be kanye.
it’s funny,
reggie and amber are both expecting kids.

you know these two weren’t going to let them get away with it.

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Kim and Kanye Make The Internet Blow Up In Less Than 60 Seconds”

  1. I am so saddened to hear this news. I really thought she was gonna die out but she is officially a a lister. Who else could she fuck to cement her name atop of the list. D you know what this means? She isn’t going anywhere, beyonce is forced to befriend her now cus that’s her mans best friend. Kanye credibility is over. He’s a genius, what does he want with a ho? This is a bad ex but they are a moderns day Arthur miller and Marilyn Monroe. I say it’s a bad ex because Marilyn Monroe was actually smart and had talent, and I loved her, idk what to think, I wanna stop loving him but I can’t, really passionate about him, because we have so much I’m common. We’re both geminis, only children and are brilliant writers, I feel like I just lost my best friend to a ho

    1. Awww. You sound like you really love some Kanye. Kim Kardashian dying out? Please…. Unless she died that’s the only way we won’t hear from her lol. As she gets older, we will hear from her less though.

  2. See what keeping up with the Jones’ will get you? Hopefully they don’t have a messy custody battle like Halle and Gabriel…

  3. Congrats Kim and Kanye Kardashian lol! This may be a good thing for him because he has been going crazy since he lost his mother…this baby may just give him a reason to become a better person. I just hope he can be his own man around mommy pimp Kris!

  4. Lord, I feel sorry for Blue Ivy if this child is a girl, she is gonna have to hide all of her special edition NFL, and NBA Ken Dolls when this baby comes over for a play date or else they will all be stolen. At least this attention whore will sit it down for a minute while she carries this child. Its over for her now and that sexy shape, a baby can turn a shape into Aretha Franklin real fast, I hope Kanye dont dump her when she cant lose that weight. The baby shower at least will be Mediatakeout and Bossip best news, because Im sure both of their sites will blow up trying to keep up with that one. I guess Im gonna go to Target and see the baby registry and send them something.

    1. I really hope that you are wrong with this one. It was be despicable of them to bring a child in this world just to gain more fame/fortune. But knowing how much they seek attention, you may be on to something.

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