Karma Will Be The Flaming Hemmroid Of Your Life

The way we treat people always comes back full circle.

Do you believe that?
Are you a believer in karma?
Do you believe that what we do to others ALWAYS comes back to us?
I have seen people reep karma for what they did to me,
while others have moved on and appear to have perfect lives.
I usually feel hurt and I pray that I move on fast, but in reality…

Should we always depend on karma to right our wrongs?

I was reading a story on an male R/B singer I grew up listening too.
He started out in a mega popular group and branched off to do his own thing.
He had one hit song that shot him straight to the top.
Unfortunately, he did the cardinal sin for any celebrity: I.E.S (Inflated Ego Syndrome).
He started getting a lot of love so he felt like he was a God.
Sadly, he made a ton of enemies and burned so many bridges,
his career is dead with no chance of resuscitation.

Was that the work of karma or just his stupidity?

In this career called love however, we meet so many candidates to fill lonely voids.
But, we are not exempt from being cheated on and played for a fool.
No one believes in talking things out and ending thing civilly.
It is all about strike while the iron is hot and burn as many people as you can.
We sit and wait for this KARMA to strike, but a lot of the times, nothing happens.
What about these Wolves who hop from Fox to Fox?
They come into our lives, play the Ideal Lover, get some ass, and onto the next.

I always wonder:
Is there such a thing as relationship karma?
You meet someone, they play you, and then they end up later getting played just as worst?
Or, does nothing usually happen and you are left with egg on your face?
And are we alone now because of karma? or just the hand we are being dealt?

When it comes to this tricky little thing called karma…

Does it always come through?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Karma Will Be The Flaming Hemmroid Of Your Life”

  1. I believe in karma as a whole, and I really just take it to the bibical terms of treating people as you would wish they treat you. However I take it a step further and continue to treat people with madd respect even if I dont always get it in return, but that has a cut off point because I refuse to be a doormat. I think that realationship karma is true also so I just do right and give positive energy because I want the same back. But honestly Jamari, its like definitely a disclipine, especially on twitter because these Wolves have the worst manners, and like the R&B singer have their heads blown up to where they feel they can pick and choose who they want to entertain. I guess the frustrationg part is the constant and annoying complaining about it not being any genuine suitors out here who are serious, I just laugh. I just know for a fact, speaking from personally experience that there is always that one person who like always there doing the little stuff that you’ve been waiting for your dream Wolf or Fox to do.

  2. It doesn’t always mean that you will the one to get them back, or even that you’ll see it. Whether you call it karma, golden rule, etc., the main thing is to operate how you want to be treated – regardless of what the other individual does. Holding the anger & bitterness does nothing but hurt you…not them. Doesn’t mean you can’t ‘love em from a distance’ – i.e. cut people off & separate yourself from the negative. We’re so quick to be vindictive forgetting about the ish we’ve pulled before lol

  3. I don’t really believe in karma because, let’s be honest, if some of us got what’s coming to us…well let’s not even think about it.

    I do believe in an eye for an eye though.

      1. ive just never seen a case where someones gotten what they deserved without it being payback personally from the victim.

  4. Sometimes I like to see myself as the answer to someone karma for being good too f#@ked up brothers who took their gifts for granted and wounded them. The problem is I haven’t showed up yet; so wherever he is I hope he doesn’t give up on love cause love is on the way to meet him eventually…

  5. …Buddhist use this term in the way Christains declare; “you reap what you sow”…So if someone pokes ur eye out and you get back by poking their eye out your gona end up losing two eyes cause its coming back too you…I say stay out of harms way and you don’t have to worry it…nothen gained nothen lost…

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