Meet Up With A Faceless Stranger (8)

This is for my Foxes…

If you were talking to a dude online for a few weeks,
he had no pictures up and was really private,
but you decided to take one for the team and meet him one afternoon…

and he looked like this….

…what would you do with him on the first meet?

and do you think he would be feelin’ you?

Honesty gets you 10 points.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “Meet Up With A Faceless Stranger (8)”

  1. Honestly speaking I would RUN AWAY, and fast too. This looks like a all too aggressive Wolf who proably is on the streets putting in work on the day to day. Cool I respect your hustle, but I am no longer interested in wolves who do that. Been there, let him sex my stupid, went shopping, got the car, and fucked his crew, the cute ones of course. Lmbo!! But seriously this Wolf really isnt my type just off what he is representing. However, as always I’m willing to give any Wolf an opportunity to prove my presumptions incorrect, and show me he’s a good Wolf to cuff.

  2. My honest answer is, and i know im alone on this, first, I’m sure he’d have a nice car with some ridiculously big rims on it. So I’d ask if we could go somewhere public and populated so they could see me get out of it like I’ve been doing it for years. And then we’d take a walk somewhere and I’d be all close to him so people would know we’re together an start asking themselves: “why haven’t I found a trade like that yet?”.. and subsequently checking their a4a, bgc, jacked, and grindr accounts to see if any have hit them up yet. Then we’d go somewhere to eat because i know that’s something he’d enjoy. Nothing fancy, just cute. Then for another walk in case we missed anyone who didn’t get to see my little self with this grade-A slab of “hide your purse whenever he comes ’round” meat. A wolf like that is meant to be seen. He’ll probably spend a lot of time on his phone and i wouldn’t mind because he’d do things like brush up against me to assure that he’s still present. Then he’d take me home and I’d contemplate giving him a kiss because i wouldn’t wanna come off like i was easy or anything. Because I’m not. But I’d give him one anyway and make let him touch me inappropriately for a few seconds. Then stop and get out of the car so he can think about me and the sex that i’m going to dangle in front but still withhold from him for as long as i can so i can keep his attention. I don’t know if id expect anything long term.

  3. My honest answer I would try him out. I mean he cute prob a old college baller or something in that ball park. Plus u know I like my wolves a lil beefy it’s gettin cold out

  4. ROTFL.. Jamari you know this is where I keeps it 100 percent honest with yall. Like I have been studying for my classes all day today, I’m such a nerd I know, but yeah was thinking about how much I love your blog and how it is apart of my daily life now. Before I would come and look and just see what you guys were saying and how different you all ideals were but still had one common similarity.

    In my early foxy days, I being a sheltered child, began testing the wolves in the area. Lol. I actually use to monopolize the lifestyle with the DL wolves when I was in high school up north. S I at one time “exclusively belonged” to the 2nd in command of street game in the area. I was and still am one of the ideal foxes for the DL Wolves. However, I still have alot to learn from you though Jamari and well Vain too. I understand the game of a DL Wolf and given the terms of our agreement understand my position. I wish I had the contacts that would afford me the ability to be closer to the wolves in higher positions now, but that will come evenually so I’m just tightening and perfecting myself to be ready for it, because I intend to catch one, and put a flea collar on him.. *nerd smile*

    1. ^i am glad you are part of the team Nerd!
      your comments are always appreciated and welcomed.

      let me ask, you said you are the ideal for the D/L Wolf: what makes you say that?

  5. Well eventho I’m not a Fox…Altho I have been told I resemble a Wildebeest…But uh, I’d pass on dude. Homeboy looks like Chris Stokes…Chris Stokes after doing a bid in the pen for molesting them boys…

      1. Boy stop, I’m just fuckin around. Was drinking last night when I You so sweet awww cum gimme sum shuga…Be warned I threw up this morn and aint brushed my teef yet 🙂

  6. I think all ya’ll foxes will be highly disappointed, because it look like dude can take some serious meat, speaking from a Wolf point of view….I’ll take him and get rid of those big ass glasses and chains and dress him up in a nice polo…he would be idea for another wolf…a fox in wolf clothing….: )

      1. Being a Wolf, you see and experience what foxes don’t see. There has been times when I asked myself why the hell this Wolf is talking to me regardless of how attractive or masculine or thugged out he is just to realize he calls his ass a pussy….(major turn-off). You’ll be surprised!

  7. I’ll meet him, go out for dinner or something then go home, face nice but to beefy for me.

  8. In the world we live in Jamari, we all know the homosexuality is not widely accepted so a D/L Wolf wants to be accepted and wants to love without being scrutinized from family, friends, and society.

    Now I am not saying that every D/L wolf will like me, I mean I’m just not everybody’s type, I’m be honest and say I am slightly fem, in that I am a lil bit extra at times but never too much. I mean opposites attractive sometimes, and I NEVER EVER forget I’m a dude so its not so much of a big deal. In my opinion, a DL Wolf needs a Fox who is discreet, loyal, selfless, is able to keep a secret, who knows the art of verbal and non verbal communication, isnt jealous, understands him, understands his position with them, is successful in his own right, educated, and a little bit more. I have alot of those qualites and I am not your typical gay boy in my opinion. Moreover I was in a 5 year committed relationship with a D/L Alpha Wolf that ended on New Years Eve last year. So I just feel given that experience with him, I am a ideal fox for the wolves out here because with him I learned alot and it made me better in the end.

  9. Kris were you stating that my comment was/is If so, what makes it such? If you could elaborate a bit, I’d love to hear ya view

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