He Is Back In My Life (To Hurt Me Summo)

tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640“where are you?”

“i’m out west right now…”


i got no answer after that.
so she went back to him…

after ( x all that drama ) last week,
one of which she told me they broke up,
she is currently with him celebrating his birthday.
they had a health issue with their cub right after the drama.
i guess that’s what brought them closer.
from what she told me a week before,
she planned this big weekend for him for his birthday.

at the birthday party,
that’s where he would meet her friends.
i told her she about to be “those couples” on social media.
only thing is,
it will be in real life.
the ones with all the problems,
but keep up the smiles and hugs.
the audience is actually jealous and envious of a “facade”.
well that’s where she would be introducing him as “her wolf”.
she also paid for this trip to the west coast for a getaway weekend.

i can’t really judge tho.
it’s not easy to let someone go.
she has it worse because they share a cub.
as much as they fuck up,
once someone draws you into them,
it’s almost like a fox getting lost in a lion’s den.
you don’t know how you got in there,
but you’re in there and trying not to get eaten.

i’m gonna have to tell her that this is what she chose,
so allow him to cheat in peace.
no more looking and stalking his social media and all the exes.
all the crying about his antics have to end.
once she accepted him back,
she needs to accept the bad as well as the good.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “He Is Back In My Life (To Hurt Me Summo)”

  1. I don’t even know what to say to that I mean clearly she’s choosing love over common sense and respect. She should get out while she can not only for herself but to show her child that you don’t have to put up with bullshit just for love.

    I’m curious besides from the cheating how does he treat her does he do his part?

    1. ^he treats her good mikey.
      like the typical latino,
      he begs for mercy when he is caught cheating.
      he buys her things,
      takes care of the baby,
      and pretty is the “wolf of the den”.
      her family loves him and she won’t tell them of this “other side”.
      he is really charismatic too.

  2. She may need also to accept that she is the side piece. Better to start embracing it now rather that get surprised by it later. People destroy themselves by building a fragile mental scaffold around the obvious lie that you are as important to him as he is to you. When the truth becomes undeniable, such people sometimes give into despair and attempt self harm. It’s safer, physically and mentally to accept that you are an afterthought who has to buy his time or leverage the cub to get him to visit.

  3. Can’t relate honestly.

    I don’t have those type of attachments to anyone.

    The older I get the more I realize all I got is me.

    If you’re detrimental to my sanity, happiness, peace you gotta go. Simple as that.

    I’m not scared to be alone.

    Bye hoe.

  4. Give her the same advice jody mama gave yvette: If you find it too draining to where you can’t love your baby or yourself then get the hell out. Otherwise you gotta live with the consequences of your decisions to stay or try to change your situation

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