Nick Jonas Is Allegedly Up In Someone’s Coffee it looks like everyone’s dream has come true.
nick jonas is down with the swirl.
you thought i was gonna say he liked foxtail.
baby steps.
he is allegedly swirling with one of his backup dancers from his tour.
her name is cherry d.
these are the pictures for the foxhole review

peep the hand on her butt cheek.
i bet he ain’t never felt a meaty tail like a black vixen.

if this is true,
this is probably just:

giphyit’s summer.
everyone is hooking up with randoms until cuffin’ season starts.
he just broke up with his long time vixen as well.
i bet he is testin’ out different kinds of pussy due to his fame.
you know all the wolves love “tour pussy”.
i’ll be shocked if this goes past september.

lowkey: let that snow wolf fuck that black vixen in peace.

*pictures credited to owner

11 thoughts on “Nick Jonas Is Allegedly Up In Someone’s Coffee

  1. Yes apparently channing loved the chocolat ass!
    And chris evans dated black girls on the low,plus he got turned down by gabriel union that was the only thing that got out regarding his love for chocolat pussycat.

  2. I don’t know about everyone’s dream but this is cute, shit I’m waiting to hear if chris Evans or Channing Tatum get down with the swirl

    1. ^allehedly,
      chris evans has dated black vixens secretly.
      i heard when Channing was a bi sexual stripper,
      he liked fuckin “us”.

      1. I heard the bi rumor about Channing when he first hit the scene in his modeling days but I didn’t know Chris had a taste for chocolate.

      2. Chris is a pretty private guy, but I don’t think he was secret about dating black girls. He approached sistas/latinas/etc at bars with his friends in tow.

        I think his reps and the entertainment media didn’t say much because they didn’t want to alienate his thirsty white female demographic, but I digress. He went on the red carpet with Naomie Harris when they were dating, though.

        As far as Channing is concerned, yeah, he was a stripper but he’s still pretty fluid sexually. He and his wife both, which I think is great. He does enjoy black dick (a lot), which shouldn’t surprise anyone. His female fans can be so rabid, so I can see why he and his team don’t want him open about it, but he’s said enough, done enough to let you know how he gets down.

        Random tidbit; I remember Neil Patrick Harris saying LONG ago that he first met Channing in the hot tub at this uber gay pool party in Laguna Beach when he was nobody.

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