your lack of self control is why you are out of control

we have a need and a desire to be in control of other people.
that can create a lot of resentment and a breeding ground for toxic situations.
when we are out of control,
that is when the real “us” comes flying out.


Letting all kinds of disrespect slide
Being nasty and disrespectful to others

on the low,
my mother had showed me how she was self control in relationships.

she had a big learning lesson with her first husband but she learned quick.
when she entered relationships after that,
and it was revealed that many of them were actually jackals in disguises

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A Mouth Is Just A Mouth

dorawhorebagsomething bothered me while watching empire last night.
btw: can i say thank god the season is finally picking up?
i was nervous.
so yeah,
something disrespected my whole situation and i wanted to share it…
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