Travis Cure Might Need More Than A Cure?

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 7.29.21 PMokay so…
this made me cry.
an f-bi sent me the following about travis cure today.
as i weeped with my head in my hands,
i had to wonder if i shoulda known better?
sometimes you have questions,
but you are scared for the answers.
this wolf has no legit modelling contracts,
yet he is having photo shoots left and right and traveling.
how is this happening?
that was one of my many questions about travis cure.
well someone sent the following to @theindustryonblast_ and uh…

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 7.34.22 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 7.34.48 PM.





















tumblr_nwn507kLHF1rikytpo1_400…maybe they mean another “travis cure”?
okay fine…
well everything is all “alleged”,
but i also heard some faint rumblings about him as well.
it just goes to show that even if the package looks nice,
there could be a ton of fuck shit inside.
we all have our issues,
as i’m not afraid to tell the foxhole,
but the attentionistos take theirs to a whole new level of “wtf”.
almost 95% of it is their own doing.
at the end of the day,
as far as travis cure is concerned,
someone will still try to change him.
some lonely gay with money to burn will try to upgrade his life.
this is after he fucks them completely stupid.
crazy or broke have the best pipe.
he looks like he negotiates with “a good dick down” too.
Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 8.02.55 PMso i had to wonder…

Do these “BEWARE OF HIM” public service announcements really mean anything?

lowkey: whats up with these fine attentionistos being broke af?

how do people even find out to tell their business through the foxvine?

pictures taken: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

33 thoughts on “Travis Cure Might Need More Than A Cure?”

  1. Well thats crazy if its true. Thats y I would never fuck with guys or girls who are well known and out there. I wouldnt be surprised if he was bi. I remember i looked through his followers on his old page and saw several trannys a gay guys. Whatever yhe sexuality its no excuse to be careless and expose others to yo shit. If its true then im done.

    1. ^its one thing to “use what you got”,
      but it’s another to allegedly have herpes and 3 cubs with 3 different women.
      … and everyone knows your business.

      that’s the problem im having with him allegedly.

  2. Well if it is true I hope he stops and seeks help (mentally).

    Even though condoms aren’t a 100 % effective I would think he would be using one just in general. Smh

    P.S. I think a lot of these attentionistos are broke because they don’t know how to turn their likes and good looks into something profitable. They workout everyday, eat well, and post attention grabbing pics (which I enjoy) on social media, somehow thinking that by putting the word ” trainer”on their accounts it’s means something. A regular 9 to 5 doesn’t even factor into their equation.

  3. Well she is right about him having three kids.There are lots of pics of them on his IG.The strange thing is his youngest child is about a year old and the prescription bottle is from 2013.Another thing I learned from his IG he is has a fraternal twin.His mom posted a pic of her four sons on her IG.How do we know his real name is Travis Tremane Killing,though?

  4. I wonder how theindustryonblast_ know so much tea on people they must have a gang of people working with them. Sadly if this stuff is true about Travis it doesn’t surprise me.

  5. @Mikey…all you have to ask them is if they are a certified personal trainer. If they say no…tell them thanks but no thanks. I did that with Borrell Jr. He told me he wasn’t certified, but he was trying to get clients to get certified. This after taking pics of people in the gym and calling them his clients. LOL
    Yeah…these attentionistos are definitely thirsty!
    Now if this story is true about Travis, then that is sad. Isn’t it a crime also to knowingly spread a disease like that? What I find disturbing as well is that this person was going through his stuff and saw fit to put his business out there like that. Does she/he know with certainty that he’s out there sleeping with people raw? Is this bitter grapes? I mean this person is talking about him having 3 kids by 3 different women, and him not taking care of them…yet they were still with him! GTFOH.
    This situation is a double-edged sword…and sad as fuck. Sad that he may be out there infecting others and sad because this person put it out there for the world to see/know.

    1. There are no state or federal laws making it illegal for you not to tell a partner about having an STD( except for HIV or AIDS). In some states if you don’t tell a partner you have an STD and they contract the STD you could face a civil lawsuit.I vaguely recall some lady suing a rapper for giving her herpes awhile back.

  6. i never believe these stories and the reason why is that there have been countless stories in the past where some women is releasing info on a guy either being bisexual or spreading aids, and many of these claims are almost always debunked later with truth and facts to disapprove the original claim…i can’t believe someone has an std if i 1) didn’t sleep with the person and contract it personally or 2) didn’t see their paperwork anyone can take pictures of an alleged prescription bottle and anyone can say they slept with you when they haven’t…

  7. You know what I believe this. He looks good, but I always has suspicions of him, which I have stated, so I am not really shocked. If it were JJ, I would be highly disappointed. They would literally have to place me on a stretcher and take me to the ER and operate on my heart.

  8. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The Devil is a LIE! Im calling Usher Board Number#3 over to calm me down. I had to work late tonight, and the weather sucks where Im at and now this. My po heart cant take it. Not my Travis, not the man who makes me light up like a Christmas tree, not the man who will have a future restraining order against me, not my chocolate dream, well damn I guess Im gone just ride out to Bella Noche in Baton Rouge and find me a thug, cause if you cant find a thug at Bella Noche where da hell you gone find one. Dang even the good dudes like Mr. Cure are ratchet. My pineapple Travis out here slangin that dirty sausage making these coochies swell up and pop, say it aint so. This is just some bitter ass person who probably was scorned or didnt know about me LMAO. Dont worry Travis, Im gone help you catch up on that child support and get you and Obama care prescription card for your meds, LOL. I hope this is just some dirty rumor and my boy aint got caught out here like that.

  9. Could be- as Christian notes it-: “bitter grapes”, but if it’s true, (which I wouldn’t be too surprised) oh well! Too bad! and Ew! I’m sure we will be hearing more about this!

    1. Newguy1,

      You should not be looking at this as someone being outed, but J informing and making people aware of a predator that is going around infecting others with no remorse (allegedly). If this was you or someone that you cared for dating him, you would be appreciative for someone informing you.

  10. Back to the issue…

    (This may or may not be true about Travis)

    The lesson: You have to always protect yourself regardless of who the person is that you are sexing.

  11. I am not here to figure if this story is true or not, but I do agree with the saying ” what glitters is not always gold.” Nothing surprises me anymore and nothing should surprise you guys either.

    Preachers on the DL,rappers having sex with transsexual,gospel singer giving head on tape…we’ve pretty much seen and heard it all.

    I have met attentionistos and they seem to have some things in common. Despite all the pics on social media, traveling and personal training, in actuality they are broke.

    Your eyes will definitely open when you associate with the right people…especially in a big city.

    Some of these guys will fuck ,suck and get fucked just so they can buy the workout supplements…and those ain’t cheap.

    These days the fame and the attention is worth more than a modeling contract or money. They don’t care about being in a magazine …they care more about how many likes the next pic gets on Instagram.

    If he does have herpes and taking his meds as directed. Transmitting the herpes virus is slim to none.

    I still say better to be safe than sorry.

  12. Pure Rubbish….Assumed , Alleged .. Look at the source… Why Tear this man down in and environment where he cannot defend himself. He does nothing but encourage people , show gratitude and have won the Gene Pool Lottery… People please don’t just run with something with no true Merrit….Really…

    People lie for the craziest reasons ,, besides I hope you are all practicing SAFE SEX regardless. Just because someone is good-looking doesn’t mean you should put your guard down,,,, Next?????

  13. Now like everybody here i don’t know if this is true or not, but what i learned is that, if you real wanna do a public service, do it completely, show your face, give your name and tell your story. I’m not here for anonymous revelations. Seriously if i want to denounce somebody i come clean. And it’s criminal to just spread a disease like that, so go report him to the police in order to stop him. Other than that it makes me question why you’re hiding, maybe you’re lying, anyway it’s not better than a nasty gossip.

    Also just because he/she doesn’t like condoms doesn’t mean you have to go raw, no matter how good looking they are, they gonna learn to like condom period. SAFE SEX people, SAFE SEX is great. I know we all have been stupid at least once or twice… or thrice but you have to learn to love yourself more than you love his dick/ass, think about yourself first, your health. I’m really not ready to live that situation again like you fucked up and now you have to get tested, all that stress, the fear, no way, nobody is worth that pain.

    PS: * why all the fuckery always happen in atl? seriously tho it’s like sodom & gomorrah

  14. Look if it is true then that bitch who caught herpes from him is at fault too because she consent to letting him fuck her raw. She can’t put all the blame on that guy. Like the old saying “It takes two tango’ OOOPS

  15. From what I know is that is was some ex that was upset that the relationship didn’t go as plan. Didn’t take the separation well and told some untruths. Travis tokes cre and spend time with his kids.

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