Hello Foxhole (Its Me)

2DAB847500000578-0-image-a-10_1445535219660“Hello, how are you?
It’s so typical of me to talk about myself
I’m sorry, I hope that you’re well…”

its funny how a simple song can,
on accident,
take you someplace emotionally.
a place you had locked away in a vault deep in your brain.
  that’s what adele’s new song,
did to me today…

i’m standing on the street and i see “him”.
we lock eyes for a second and everything rewinds.
i go back to when things were good.
when we enjoyed our company.
well that’s ended.
when we said fuck it and left a broken “us” in the middle of the floor.
the pieces of our relationship are all scattered about.
we forgot all about the good times we shared.
now we are two people who see the “failure”.
we failed each other and its worn like a neon sign.
you moved on tho.
i didn’t.

giphythat is the movie that plays in my head while listening to “hello”.
all 100+ times i had it on repeat today.
counting right now at 530am.
i love when music does this to my imagination.
i can see “the video” with any song.
adele has been my therapist with her last two albums.
she got some good tears out of me.
well i can’t wait for her album.
i’m ready to release again.

lowkey: the part ( song: @3:26 / video: @4:42 ) i love is:

Ooooohh, anymore
Ooooohh, anymore
Ooooohh, anymore

that part tho…

that part does something to me.
i get instant chills.

lowkey: how cute is ( x tristan wilds )?
get that check and brand new “it status” with this video.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Hello Foxhole (Its Me)”

  1. Heard the song on Apple Music and loved it. We have been missing Adele, her voice and song telling, all the ups and downs of love she sings it beautifully.

  2. This song has been on repeat since I heard it yesterday…

    This song really struck a nerve with me, specially when I heard the song is about her past friendships. Me about to be 25 coming into a quarter life crisis this song was right on time.

    I wonder where did time go? Sometimes I wish I could redo a lot of things, experienced more of my youth and wasn’t as depressed and alone as I am/was.

    The part where she says “the both of us are running out of time” definitely makes me want to get it together.

  3. This song and video just played my last breakup and had me in tears. Tristan…come back to papi, I’ll taste your sauce.

  4. I’m a fan of Adele’s voice and I know she has a niche audience that loves her ” I can’t get over you” brand of music and that’s fine, but honestly for me it’s old. She’s becoming a one trick pony. Can I get one song about joy or happiness?

    1. I concur. She can sing, but I feel her every blue moon. As far as the ones with less melanin, I still prefer Christina Aguilera and give me Taylor Dane back

  5. Shit, all I need now is an ETA on a new Sia album and I’ll be locked in my house all weekend with my phone off and tons of dark liquor with both albums blasting on repeat lol

    Song has had me in my feelings since I first heard it

  6. Oh wow I really love this song, but I can tell one of Adele’s ancestor is black o African. Don’t forget England and Europe had black people in the Medieval and Renaissance period.

  7. Hurricane Adele is back!!! She delivered yet again. This song is what I’m experiencing right now. I need for her to stop reading my diary.

  8. I love Adele but that’s song is just so 21, i was expecting something else or maybe i was expecting too much, or maybe it’s because i’m not as sad as i was when 21 came out, i don’t know, but i find Hello very boring. I don’t mind people repeating the same thing again and again and again. With Adele it’s always about a guy who left either it’s his fault or her fault (like Hello). But eh like they say “When you’re onto a good thing, stick with it!”. It’s just that I feel like she’s just covering a Dido song or something like that, like nothing new and not even as good as Take it all or Don’t you remember. I hope it’s because i’m not in the good mood. I know she can never do as good as 21 but i’ve waited way too long for her comeback for her to let me down.

    1. Hi Lou,

      The song and video is EPIC hands down! Lol Can’t argue with that as it’s #1 in 85 countries! I do know what you mean- but then you got 10 songs on the album to make up for it.. BUT I very happy you realised it is just ‘going with the same marketing strategy as 21’- very much so as she sings ‘HEARTBREAK AMAZINGLY’ – kinda why she hasn’t spoken about her new child or husband as of yet.. it wouldn’t ring true she’s singing a song about ‘an ex’ but she is happily married and moved on!

      She did reveal she wrote a whole album about being a mother but she scrapped it.. due to it being BORING.. which I agree with. She is not a ‘for mum’ or ‘just woman’ singer and being a mum is not as universal as HEARTBREAK.

      1. Definitely can’t argue about how successful Adele is, people just LOVE that song. I don’t know what my problem is. Maybe it’s like when you’re hungry so bad and for so long that when it’s time to eat you just can’t. Maybe i need more time to process all this… or maybe i don’t wanna be sad anymore so unconsciously i reject that type of songs lol

        I would have loved an album about motherhood tho, i don’t know, i like when they sing about their current life, and motherhood seems to be such a joyful experience, and we need more joy.

  9. Her subject matter is always so heavy and depressing. She is 27, the same age as Rihanna. That almost gets forgotten about because of the nature of her music. Is the song great? Yes. Is it groundbreaking? No. Its pretty much more of the same. You could align all of her cd’s up and never know which one came first. I think she’s afraid of getting the Mary J. Blige curse where no one wants to hear your music unless your miserable. I just want something different from her. Maybe something more upbeat or at least different subject matter besides “How someone did you wrong”.

  10. I’m glad Adele is back with some new music, but I have to admit this one didn’t excite me. It just feels like a return to form. I will listen to the CD when it drops but she’s not the singer to get me in my feelings like that…Where is some new Toni Braxton (that’s NOT Xmas music)?

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