The Removal of All Things “Black” Are Out of Miley Cyrus

well miley cyrus fresh out of rehab.
which rehab,
you ask?
“the temporary effects of appropriating black culture“.
i bet she was a honor student because look at her new video for “malibu”.
it also happens to be her new single

…what a wack song.
it doesn’t take much because it’s #1 on the itunes charts:

i wonder which one of my fellow blacks will cape for this today?
you know there is always one happy hyena in the crowd.

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “The Removal of All Things “Black” Are Out of Miley Cyrus”

  1. Hmmm….looks like she was getting some good black dick on the low, and he broke her heart, so she done with all of “it” (hip-hop, black men, black music).

  2. Issa no for me. I’ll continue to listen to Bangerz and hell “Party in the USA” and “The Climb”, but definitely not this. I mean I love pop music, but this ain’t it, at all.

  3. She is serving me Katy Perry, “Teenage Dream” tease with a touch of tumblr millennial Nashville filter on Instagram. I mean I guess it’s cute, but I’m not featuring her millennial hipster shenanigans.

    1. This is exactly it. U clocked all her “inspirations”. This so boring. I prefer my miley with a side crabs, a lil stank you know.

  4. Lol, totally boring song!…it could be much betta if it went hard on rock with electric guitars, harder drumming, the whole nine yards at around the 1:15 mark…kinda like how Madonna’s “Ray of Light” (one of my fav songs from my fav albums of hers – u wanna see me go str8 Chelsea WB in the club with glow sticks, put that song on, shiiiit) b/c it stays on one level…maybe it picks up after that but my AM tolerance for whack was reachin threshold so I stopped…

      1. Hellz yeah…and wha’s crazy is that I was neva really into her life that before at all…I mean I was very familiar with her work (I’ma 80s/90s kid who grew up in an area of the country where the “top 100” was played and NO urban stations whatsoever around) and loved many of her songs, but when I copped this joint (aka I sly kept a promotional copy I “borrowed” from a friend who worked in A&R for some studio and “forgot” to give it back) I was blooown…I still held zeal for her “Music” release, but it proved underwhelming, do I was over her again and haven’t paid her any attn since…..okay, my bad,didn’t mean to go all off topic…
        Miley sucks!…there

        1. ^please!
          i enjoyed that commentary.
          you know we go left in the foxhole with the conversation.

          madonna’s biggest issue is trying to keep up with the young vixens now.
          she should be on some “pop up unexpectedly” shit.
          this is all desperate for her.

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