I’d Vaca With Cam Newton

^this one needs a show.
after this football career is over,
please give him some kind of something.
i’d watch.
so cam newton went on vacation.
football season is over so why not?
i had to post this picture for the foxhole from his ig

look at that thigh action.
he has really opened up since he had his cubs.
before he use to look mean af.
here are more visuals:

we will caption these:


lowkey: what is with those captions on his ig?
what language is that?

pictures and video credited: instagram

10 thoughts on “I’d Vaca With Cam Newton

  1. I love a good co-ord, I’ve been hunting for a nice set that doesn’t break the bank but also doesn’t look hideous. lol

    He’s kind of growing on me facially and I like that picture with his booty kind of tooted to the side in the shorts.

  2. Still believe he’s a undercover bottom…bet that ass is goooood!, Too! Cubs or not…teamBOTTOMbb!

  3. Jamari, ure forcing my hand to type hatements on this whack ninja and his whack style…*throws hands*

  4. Lol Cam always types like he on MySpace circa 2007. And he usually looks mean af cuz he low key is. He jus knows how to please da populace and cameras. He stay galavanting around Charlotte looking to be seen.

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