Right Is Right (Right?)


tumblr_n7r8ks89Q41qhbifyo1_500shorty on the right with the boxing gloves>>>>
the rest<<<<
he stands out on the picture than the other 2.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “Right Is Right (Right?)

  1. Dude in the red shorts is huge af. *pokes chest out* Punch me right here bro. I can take it.

    All of them are too big for me tho. They’d crush me.

      1. I am 5’11/175. I’d bang a taller guy only if he is a slim to medium build or a dude with some thickness to him, but bodybuilders are off limits lol. These guys are too much. It wouldn’t turn out well. I’m good.

  2. Yeah I’ll take a pounding from too. What’s with the one in the middle’s build. It’s like fat muscles or something.

    1. Low key, I like chunky dudes so the one in the middle can have next after red shorts is done pounding. I also must say, strong cheek bones turn me on which is another plus for red shorts.

  3. While I find some of things that come out of Heat’s mouth/keyboard annoying and hateful…that fantastic physique cannot be ignored. LOL
    The other two are appealing as well. Hell, I’d do them (and vice versa)!

  4. I’m 5′ 8 / 184 and idk of late I’ve had an affinity for guys my height or shorter. I still like tall guys as well but short guys have a special kinda appeal to them; to me at least. I’d definitely do “red shorts” over the rest any day.

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