#BETAWARDS (After Fox)

bet-awards-2014so personally,
i thought the bet awards was pretty good tonight.
reason why?
chris rock.
i think he is the best host ive seen in a while.
i personally think it should be in his contract to host until he dies.
he gives no fucks about anyone feelings.
i love that.
so my highlights

  • august alsina’s side show bob hair
  • the white people sketch
  • mike tyson being weird
  • pharrell thanking everyone but himself
  • busta rhymes cheesecake factory outfit reminding me why he is so fuckin fat
  • chris brown’s performance
  • usher showing chris he would do better and sing live
  • me wanting to fuck usher while he wears that dead raccoon on his head
  • the 3some that was august, trey, and chris
  • thinking that august and trey would be kinda lowkey hot together
  • ti’s face when chris rock made that one joke
  • the white rabbit who will haunt my dreams from nicki minaj performance
  • young money breaking the mic
  • wondering why lil wayne’s daugther was so ratchet?
  • wondering who invited paris hilton?
  • robin thicke begging ass
  • that big ass “paula” sing in the sky
  • my spirit mother claire huxtable floating on the stage
  • bet acknowledging the maya angelou and ruby dee
  • no nelson tho?
  • that “90s music” pandora interlude
  • yolanda adams killin that lionel richie song
  • that “white girl who raps” doing a horrible job lip syncing
  • nicki minaj putting a big ass cloud over that “white girl who raps”
  • bet trying to play people with a “beyonce/jay z” performance like we stupid
  • some people were actually stupid thinking they were actually there
  • me being one of those stupid people earlier
  • how for once i was actually bored with a beyonce performance
  • and then this:

tumblr_n4hvscQpLO1qbz1afo6_500 tumblr_n4hvscQpLO1qbz1afo4_500“oh god!” *big sean voice*
i’ll be talking about ^this tomorrow.

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7 thoughts on “#BETAWARDS (After Fox)”

  1. I actually enjoyed this year more than the recent ones. Chris Rock actually made me laugh out loud a few times. I loved the John Legend/Jhene Aiko performance (and her outfit). I was also drooling over Usher (he is such a DILF). And he really is one of the greatest performers we have today. Chris needs to take some notes. Other than that, no major complaints. Except Jennifer Hudson’s performance. I was not feeling it.

  2. Chris Rock was hilarious. Unlike annoying Chris Tucker and his stale 95-00 act. Busta Rhymes was more like Busta Seam. Usher will always be the man. Breezy is sexy with the weight but it seems to inhibit his dancing. And I just want to pull up Jackd at the BET Awards. Cause aint no way….

  3. I was turning back and forth. I didn’t care to watch because Award shows are just awkward as fuck now that I’m older. I use to love them when I was a kid/teenager but now, I can’t sit through those little skits/corny jokes they always do before showing the nominees without cringing. I get embarrassed enough in life, I don’t need to watch it on TV.

    I’m starting to feel August heavy which is weird because at first I thought he was ugly.

    I saw Chris perform a little bit. He still got it. I saw an up-close of Trey Songz looking finer than ice-cream.

    When and where was the dude in the gif at the awards? I’ve been in love with him ever since I cam across one pic on xtube years ago.

  4. I love Pharrell and i was jumping when Missy came out….on another note..David Mcintosh when he walked on the stage during my JHud set even my mom looked at me and was like who is that fine man and i said ‘David Mcintosh former UK military man turned model and she was like LAWD he FINE…we were cracking up i enjoyed Chris Rock as a host, Jhud vocals could have been a little better but i like the fact she’s having fun and doing more uptempo tracks instead of sad ballads all days

    Trey, August and chris was dope so glad they stopped that ridiculous beef that No one cared about (which i still feel was a stunt)
    I’m a Nicki fan but i felt like her performance was dulll…and SN if Nicki feels she is really great at what she does then have enough respect to celebrate another female rapper the only reason she has won the award every damn year because no other female rapper is out…i just miss the days when female rappers came in a variety…you had your boyish females with missy, da brat, you had lauryn, then you had more sexual/sensual with lil kim, foxy, then you had sexy with eve and left eye now every female rapper just has a huge ass now with nursery rhyme lyrics…smh

    i was screaming when silk and color me bad came up and i was singing along with Lionel Richie big fan of his my mom always played his music when i was growing up

    lil wayne performance had me scratching my head, i knew bey and jay were on tour so i wasn’t expecting them and i was missing my bae Drake…surprisingly i felt the jhene aiko and john legend collab was dope..best award show in YEARS

  5. I didn’t watch lol. I did flip it and happened to see August’s award speech. It was deep and sincere. Glad he won, he deserved it after all his hard work.

  6. I trying to watch while doing a project, damn near fucked it up when tray, august, and Chris appeared. I don’t really find Chris rock all that funny but he did a ok job this year, and yes that shade Nikki threw was soo uncalled for..

  7. This one was one of the better ones since the mid 2000’s. Chris Rock was the perfect host for this show and has been one of the best host ever along with Monique and Will/Jada Smith. Its hard for me to be objective about Usher, him and Brian McKnight are talented but two R&B dudes along with Tyrese that I just do not like at all. Chris Brown over Usher any day in my book. Breezy is bat shit crazy most days but he is a hell of a performer and I dont say that for many young artist, and I know little teenage girls panties were overflowing and runneth over when August, Trey and Chris hit the stage, no hate, they are all good looking young men who fit the heart throb category really well. This year show has some really good highs, and Lionel Richie has been called a corn ball, but he is a very well spoken talented man who I have much respect for always a class act and Yolanda Adams, Phylicia Rashad, and Myrlie Evers rounded out this show quite well. There were many lows but lets leave them behind and focus on the positive

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