Chris Brown Got That Ass To’ Up

tumblr_n80actGBsr1te9t19o1_500i was cheering chris on.
and his picnic table blouse shirt,
decided to show out at the bet awards last night.
he looked healthy and the weight does wonders for him.
i was excited and happy for him.
thennnnnnn i see him “showing out” at the after party…

“chris brown being escorted out the club…
allegedly fucked up off his ass.”

56734229BLto regular people,
like you and i,
that is a regular “friday night” at your favorite spot.
to someone like chris brown,
that is “here this nigga pineapple go again”.
isn’t he on probation?
taking bi polar medication?
i know he had a great night,
and was high off his return to the stage,
but did he have to get that jacked to need an escort out the club?
he should have ordered a “water on the rocks” and kept it cool.
koochie looks equally over it:

i couldn’t be his vixen.
i’d be over it.
just give me the pipe and go.
i’ll call you when i need it beat up again.

Michael-Scott-Closes-The-Door-Awkwardly-On-The-Office…but hey!
maybe he was having a good time and had it under control.
it was just celebratory good times!
you believe that.

pictures courtesy: just jared

video courtesy: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Chris Brown Got That Ass To’ Up”

  1. After watching him perform I kept thinking, WHY, WHY, WHY does he keep fucking up his potential?!! He is one hell of a performer…but then I heard about him being carried out of the after-party and I was like here we go AGAIN. If he is on probation, he is not supposed to be drinking…and he probably had to get permission to go to the awards.
    What is wrong with these entertainers?! I guess the stint in jail didn’t teach him anything.
    So sad.

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Chris Brown = Bobby Brown. A few years from now we gone say no one could touch him “when” he had it. I see him in and out of rehab/jail for the next few years

  3. lol look at his face. I can’t help but laugh. I’m glad I’m not a celebrity. I’d hate having all these bad pics of me on the internet for the world to see. Lindsay Lohan has it the worst. I crack up every time I see a pic of her passed out in a car. Damn, such hot messes they are.

  4. i dont see the problem lol i think people are too hard on him…if only these judges were as tough on these white celebs, lindsay lohan is just one name that comes to mind..if was the night of the BET awards everyone is out and about drinking and conversing…smh i couldnt be a celebrity because everything you do is criticized and condemned by a society that does the same, if not worse than the celebs they judge…hypocrisy at is best lol

  5. SMFH…i really hope for his sake he does not fuck up too soon or his ass will be in jail and this time they will throw away the damn key. He is still suffering from nigga friend syndrome so go figure.

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