Speaking of Jailbird…

jailbirdscent…what happened to this jailbird?
is he modelling yet or nah?!
i didn’t see him at #nyfw.
did he put his life together with the ( x gofundme.com money )?
or is he still sitting in jail now that his 15 minutes are up?

lowkey: america was so out of control with that one.

3 thoughts on “Speaking of Jailbird…

  1. I think when people were going ga ga over him was his moment to trying to make something out if that 15 mins if fame but how can he when he’s locked up when he does finally get out someone new and even more handsome will be the new talk around town

  2. Yea, people forgot about him really fast. I wasn’t going nuts over him, but I do find him to be handsome. His jawline is tight.

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