Robyn Got MY Body Talking (In My Feels)

Robyn-Body-Talk-Album-Arti never heard of robyn.
i did hear a few people telling me to check out her music.
well i heard a song from her one night while watching “hbo: girls”.
it is called “dancing on my own”.
it was from this scene

tumblr_inline_n9sqprDDko1qdkjisi loved everything about it.
it’s a song i would add to the soundtrack of my life.
thus far.
that song also appeared on the “hbo girls: volume 1” ( x soundtrack ) as well.

the beat is different on the soundtrack tho.
many days that song got some heavy repeats.
it speaks to my spirit.
i know my neighbors must have been like wtf is happening in there?
well i took the plunge recently and got her 2010 euro pop album,
“body talk”.







Carrie-Bradshawum where the FUCK have i been?
her album is damn near flawless!!!
that is what you call POP.
i love this track,
“call your girlfriend” as well:

you know i’d love a song like that.
the breakdown>>>>
her whole album had me feeling great today.
i was at the laundromat gettin’ it in.
i’m about to check out all her music now.
i’m interested.
so i’m passing it on like herpes as always:

check out body talk: spotify | itunes | amazon

10 thoughts on “Robyn Got MY Body Talking (In My Feels)

  1. Oh yes! My BFF put me on to her a few years back and she has actually stayed in rotation in my iTunes. “Dancehall Queen” is my shiz-ny-eee

  2. Yes Robyn is everything. I love just about everything she puts out, but dancing on my own is my fav of hers.

  3. All of her albums are amazing! My favorite song is from her self titled album called “With Every Heartbeat”.

    1. She had Do You Really Want Me & Always Be Around back in the 90’s. She couldn’t blow up because Britney, BSB, NSYNC and Christina had that era on LOCK!

  4. I have heard of get too but never her music.. Ok I’ll check her out after I study tonight thanks for the recommendation!

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