Where is God Right Now?

CVRCFgaUwAEk03lwell this cover is sorta disrespectful.
broke the news on my phone today at work…

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Do You Want People To Know You Like To Clean A Nice Thick Hard Pipe… With Your Mouth?

everyone has secrets.
if you didn’t,
you wouldn’t be human.
you know the wolf who is living down the hall from you?
the one you think is perfect with his well put together family?
the one you want to smash?
well, he is banging his assistant.
oh, guess what?
it happens to be a fox.
his wife doesn’t care.
their marriage has been over months ago.
she is fucking his brother.
what about that vixen you always see in the morning?
you know, the pretty one?
well, she is a sex addict and had a train ran on her the night before.
shocking huh?
or, is it just life?
we all have something that we are keeping secret.
you are reading this site now,
so you may already have a secret.
some of our secrets are big; others are corny.
we all have something we don’t want other people to know.
so i started to wonder…

How big are your secrets?

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This gentleman was fired from my job today.

I know this is not my usual but I thought I would flip it today….
A little personal….

I don’t know why it effected me the way it did.
It wasn’t me but it was someone else.
Maybe it let me know that our jobs are not guaranteed.
Or, it let me know that people are cruel and heartless….

Either way it is still FUCKED UP…

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